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United Nations Special Operations Command Sent An Elite Expeditionary Force Of Soldiers And Pilots Out On A Simple Recon Mission, And Somehow Along The Way They Sparked An Alien Civil War Now The Not At All Merry Band Of Pirates Is In Desperate Trouble, Again Their Stolen Alien Starship Is Falling Apart, Thousands Of Lightyears From Home The Ancient Alien AI They Nicknamed Skippy Is Apparently Dead, And Even If They Can By Some Miracle Revive Him, He Might Never Be The Same Zero Hour

About the Author: Craig Alanson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Zero Hour book, this is one of the most wanted Craig Alanson author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Zero Hour

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    I m still enjoying this series, but overall I m starting to wear on the repetitive pattern Pirates get in trouble Skippy can t figure out a way out Joe finds a solution that Skippy thinks is crazy but will work Rinse, lather, repeat.Mostly, this installation had some enjoyable moments, but it s starting to seem like it was just hitting a big reset button with little actual plot advancement, and that s a little

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    I listen to this book while I m driving, and sometimes I just burst out laughing at Skippy s rantsalthough those seemed to be less frequent in this installment of the seriesthis book just lifted my mood while i was reading it I definitely sped through this one, so i have to listen to it again to catch what i missed Expeditionary Force is by far my favorite series, so I guess you have to temper my exuberance I mean

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    While I loved this book overall, I feel it suffered from some pacing issues, and felt like a bridge between story arcs, with a lot of backstory and foreshadowing, but very little plot advancement and weak characterization I would have ended the book at chapter 24 82% at around 400 pages The remaining chapters 26 85% about 80 pages would then have made up the beginning of Book 6, as they did not fit thematically or te

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    Not as good as the othersI loved the previous books although I started noticing in the previous oneirrelevant chit chat between characters to fill up the pages In this one the Can and Joe go on and on chit chatting about everything, making me jump off so much of the book There are possibly so many angles to write about that is sad the author filled the book with endless meanningless talk In moderation the humor of conve

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    This time, we really got some serious suspense I don t know this author well enough yet even after 5.5 books to know if he s going to really kill off a character or not I m usually pretty sure he won t, but you can just never be sure and that helped the plot here.But what got me most of all was the laughing I laughed out loud so many times during this particular book in the series that I knew it was going to warrant 5 star

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    As consumers, we have to stop accepting this crap Book 1, 2 and 3 are amazing Amazing And if you haven t listened to R.C Bray s narration, you need to find a way to listen to it Pardon the cliche, but he was born to narrate this series I still LMAO everytime I think about one sheep Book 4 was also excellent, with a few moments of been there, done that But book 5 there is sooooooooo much of the same old same old Problem, sarca

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    OK so not knocking the book because I enjoyed it Great story, interesting ending and wonderful performance as always by RC Bray on the audible version But like some others here, I m starting to wonder where it s gonna lead Will it be another 30 books or will it end in book 6 7 Not because I don t enjoy the characters, butthat it s starting to remind me of how I felt about the TV show Lost So many mysteries, and it was so awesome

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    How many times can I use the word awesome Seriously, this book is awesome Unlike previous books now the thing in danger is no other than Skippy himself The worm is back and he s out of options He doesn t even have his awesome capabilities any This little change in circumstances makes this book eveninteresting than the rest Before, Skippy could just deus ex machina whatever Joe needed for his monkey brained idea and we d have an awe

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    It s fun, but it s also One damned thing after another There s nothing that gets resolved Sometimes I feel like we ve recycled a plot device Oh, no, here come the aliens again I enjoy the dialog, and the characters, and will read the next one, and the next, and the next

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    What can I say about this book that hasn t been said by countless other reviews that still give it 4 and 5 stars this series sort of feels like it s draining the life out of me There is JUST SO MUCH FILLER How many times can we repeat the same story arcs The thing that kills me is that I like the overall idea A lot The first book felt so awesome because it was clever and fun and hadn t had a pattern to copy before it I feel like I could

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