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You Cant Catch Me When The Game Is Deception, Nothing Is As It Seems In This Novel Of Cunning Psychological Suspense By The Charts Bestselling Author Of I Ll Never Tell Do You Want To Play A Game Twelve Years Ago Jessica Williams Escaped A Cult Thanks To The Private Detective Who Rescued Her, She Reintegrated Into Society, Endured An Uncomfortable Notoriety, And Tried To Put It All Behind Her Then, At An Airport Bar, Jessica Meets A Woman With An Identical Name And Birth Date It Appears To Be Just An Odd Coincidence Until A Week Later, When Jessica Finds Her Bank Account Drained And Her Personal Information StolenFollowing A Trail Of The Grifter S Victims, Each With The Same Name, Jessica Gathers Players One By One For Her Own Game According To Her Plan, They Ll Set A Trap And Wait For The Impostor To Strike Again But Plans Can Go Awry, And Trust Can Fray, And As Jessica Tries To Escape The Shadows Of Her Childhood, The Risks Are Greater Than She Imagined Now, Confronting The Casualties Of Her Past, Jessica Can T Help But Wonder Who Will Pay The Price When I first started reading this book I wasn t exactly sure what to expect because I had never read a book about cults or the type of living environment of a cult Of course, I had watched many TV shows alluding to people living in cults and sometime in the news cults were mentioned but reading this book really helped open my eyes to the plight of the children in these cults From start to finish this book had me in its grasp because I couldn t wait to find out whether or not Jessica was going to be triumphant in her quest to find justice for herself and for the other Jessicas that she met along the way The expert writing and the plot twists throughout the book were so well devised that it took me awhile to figure out exactly who the bad guy was in this book The best type of book I must add The ending is to die for Literally I did not see that coming at all And what I am even grateful for is that the ending was explained in such a perfect way that I had no questions left to wonder about when I was done reading this fantastic book I am totally recommending this book to all my friends and it will be our next book featured in our book club Parts of this story were excellent and some of it really dragged.a lot.The culmination of the story was interesting and nicely buttoned things up but it was also but very far fetched I was entertained by this book but didn t feel the storyline lived up to its potential.I am, however, very grateful to have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review Readers YOU CAN T CATCH ME will be my 10th novel in 10 years, which is so crazy to think about I need to put that aside Anywho I m so excited for you to meet Jessica Williams, and Jessica Williams, and Jessica, you guessed it, Williams That s right, there s a lot of Jessicas in this book Several years ago, a friend of mine kept getting stopped at the border She has a common name, and there was an APB out for someone with a similar name and the same birthday Over time, we realized that they were looking for a man, but it got me thinking if you did have the same name and birthday as someone, wouldn t it be the perfect way to steal all their money I m sure that s what you were thinking too So that was the genesis of YOU CAN T CATCH ME a book about a woman who meets another woman with the same name and has all her money stolen It was an amazing challenge to write this book and I hope you enjoy it Coming June 9, 2020 Jessica Williams is a journalist who makes a career bombing mistake when she plagiarises an article which results in losing her job though she manages to negotiate a payoff Whilst waiting for a flight to Mexico for a holiday she meets another Jessica Williams What a coincidence Except it s not Jessica Two is a hustler and she manages to elicit sufficient information from Jessica One to steal all her settlement money Thus starts the twistiest of twisty tales that leaves you dizzy as your head spins and your brain tries to keep up with the pace but you are most certainly entertained as you follow Jessica One as she enacts revenge on Jessica Two Jessica One has a fascinating story as interspersed with her exploits with Jessica Two we learn about her life up to the age of eighteen in a cult known as Land of Todd This works really well in the storytelling as it flows effortlessly and the two stories do eventually connect together extremely cleverly The portrayal of cult life is very sobering and deeply scary as it shows the depth of the control and Jessica also tells the sad story of her cousin Kiki both inside the cult and afterwards The novel is well written, the style is lively and engaging I love the chapter headings The characters though not all likeable are well portrayed There are some good descriptions especially the part of the story which takes Jessica to Jackson, Wyoming which sounds breathtaking though remind me NOT to fly into Jackson Here there are some very dramatic scenes with that glorious backdrop which I think adds an extra dimension The end is terrific and I genuinely didn t see that one coming Kudos, Catherine McKenzie Overall, a really good novel of deception and revenge with grifters, hustlers, escapees from a cult and several interesting characters It s full of twists and turns and most importantly is very entertaining Many thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing.

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