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World of Hurt Wow, this was a great book It had all of the elements I like in a story twisted horror mixed with religious lore mixed with compelling characters I d like to do a formal review later, but I d definitely recommend it if you re into this sort of thing. Review for Worlds of Hurt Contains 3 Misbegotten Mythos short stories and the novella World of Hurt The Alchemy of the Throat The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins When the Bough Doesn t Break World of Hurt This is a dark, dense read with some heavy concepts This one gets pretty deep And Hodge knows how to write deep, without losing you in the process 4 stories that are completely different yet interconnected Nearly Half His Life Ago, Andrei Spent 38 Minutes As A Corpse It S Not A Secret That He Shares With Many People Especially These Last Six Years, Ever Since The Comforting Lie Of Tunnels And White Lights Crumbled Away To Leave Him With The Memory Of What He Really Found On The Other Side Of Death Not Hell, But Something Worse A Heaven Unlike Anything He D Ever Been Taught To Expect Now, As Heaven Seeks To Reclaim Him, Andrei Awakens To The Hidden Truths Of This World And The Next, Caught Between Two Unequal Sides Waging A Clandestine War For The Soul Of The World, In Which Everything He S Ever Taken For Granted About Good And Evil Has Just Been Turned Upside Down When Death Is No Escape, What Do You Do Andrei Has A Fierce Need To Know, As The Clock Runs Out On The Most Excruciating Moral Choice Of His Life. Extremely well written by a true master wordsmith, Worlds of Hurt nevertheless fell somewhat flat for me especially through the opening three short tales which connect to one another in direct chronological order, and feature three characters that appear in all In this way, Hodge develops his own mythos which is about as bleak and uninviting as anything I ve previously read Yet I never really connected to or cared for any of the protagonists, and found my attention wandering as the tales progressed.Truth be told, I almost gave the book away mid way through the second tale But I m extremely glad I persevered because the final tale, the novella World of Hurt, blew everything that came before it out of the water It is just as bleak and well written, but the characters come to life in this longer format The motivations behind them are all are fascinating as is Hodge s method for dolling out critical information one snippet at a time Moving, engaging, There are few stories in the world that leave me exhausted, mentally and physically This is one of them Brian Hodge s vision, prose and characterization are matched by very few writers in the world tod Three short stories and a novella all set in the same world, where immortals called the Misbegotten walk the earth and God is a malevolent entity that has taken the place of the creator Some of the bes I gave this book four stars because it is well written by a talented author The story is engaging, builds in anticipation well towards the end with lots of twists and turns along the way If you have the edition with the introduction by Brian Keene, take a moment to read it It only heightens your sense of intrigue with this tale, by the end you say to yourself, I have to read this story I will say though Horror is not my thing I also don t really like stories that portray God in such a way, although I do understand the metaphor the author is trying to render.I do think there were a few plot holes not totally cleared up to my satisfaction, but I don t think he meant to reveal all the secrets Speaki A friend recommended this book the instant it came out He s already a big Brian Hodge fan I started reading it as soon as I got it, and breezed right through It s a short book, but the story grabbed me. This hardcover edition is copy 210 of 500 printed and is signed by Brian Hodge.Worlds of Hurt collects the first four chapters of the Misbegotten mythos into a single volume The Alchemy of the Throat A modern day castrato soprano becomes the latest in a line of indispensable companions to an ancient benefactor Bram Stoker Award finalist The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins The immortal Si Wow I don t know what other word would best describe how I felt upon finishing this collection from Brian Hodge I ve read a few of his books in the past and have always been satisfied However, these stories are not only original, they add an entirely new level to Mr Hodge s already impressive skills.This collection consists of 3 short stories and one novella All four of the stories are connected, some loosely than others The Misbegotten Mythos is a dark world, indeed The writing was outstanding, as I have come to expect from this author.A few quotes that stood out to me And I knew that those things we find most beautiful are made so by the brief span of their lives There are all kinds of tyranny employed around us Bombs are but the loudest This collection is beautifully dark and dense This meant that I had to take it slow so as to be sure everything sunk in This was especially true of the last story, the novella When the Bough Doesn t Break All I can say about this one is WOW It s not what I expected, AT ALL You think the story is going one waybut it s not Gory, dark and deep with all kinds of levels to itI know I will be mulling it over for quite a while There isn t much here to credi

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Brian Hodge, called a writer of spectacularly unflinching gifts by Peter Straub, is the award winning author of ten novels of horror and crime noir He s also written well over 100 short stories, novelettes, and novellas, and four full length collections His first collection, The Convulsion Factory, was ranked by critic Stanley Wiater as among the 113 best books of modern horror.He lives in Col

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