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Wingborn (Wingborn #1) Lady Mhysra Kilpapan Was Blessed From Birth With A Distinguished Family, A Glorious Home And A Giant Eagle Miryhl Of Her Own Fully Aware Of Her Luck, She Wants For Nothing In Life Except A Chance To Become A Rift Rider The Elite Force Of The Overworld Has Been Closed To Women For Over One Hundred Years And Not Even The Legendary Wingborn Are Allowed To Join Until NowWomen Are Being Admitted To The Riders Again And Mhysra Wants To Be First In Line Except Her Parents Have Other Ideas, And There Are Plenty Of Others Who Are Less Than Pleased About The Change Yet If Mhysra Can Find A Way To Reach Aquila, She Will Let Nothing Stop HerBut The Overworld Is In Trouble And The Vicious Kaz Naghkt Are Destroying Rift Rider Bases One By One The Riders Need Help Can Mhysra And Her Friends Really Be The Difference Between Survival And Destruction Or Will They Fail Before Their First Year Of Training Is Through

About the Author: Becca Lusher

Becca is an indie fantasy author from the wild British Westcountry who learnedhow to fly a bird of prey, gallop bareback and survive as the youngest in a big family allbefore she was a teenager Sadly, the years since haven t been anything like as exciting.Nowadays she saves her adventures for writing, her weekends for walking and her daysfor dreaming.Come visit her at beccalusher.com forstories, information, landscape photos with rocks in and the occasional hidden extra.

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    What a unique and captivating book Certainly not a theme that s been attempted that I know of before and done so well.While it took me a little while to fully sink my teeth into this book, which often happens when the author has created a new world with new words and names to come to terms with first, once finally imm

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    Cant wait to read the sequel

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