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Wild In The Backyard Enter The Secret World Of Your Wild Pets Ever Wondered Why This World S Called A Rat Race Why Does Your Teacher Call You The Chatter Bird Of The Class How Did Those Dratted Lice Get In Your Hair Let S Find Out The Answers To These And In This Exciting One Of A Kind Backyard Jungle Book Wilderness And Wildlife Aren T Just Confined To The Forests There Is A Whole Lot Of Wild In Our Own Backyards Some Of These Critters Are Awake With You In The Day Others Wake Up When You Go To Bed Discover The Hunters And The Hunted, The Diggers And The Tunnellers, The Raptors And The Roaches, Roaming Around Under Our Very Noses Say Hi To Them And Take A Look At Their Home, Which, Incidentally, Is Also Ours.

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    25 Writings on various wildlife exists in the backyard of house Guess Not even remote idea, then read this book You will get to nowWritten in simple narrative style.

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    Wondering what should you gift your pre teen kid for this birthday Buy them this book Even otherwise, you can give this book to them as a casual gift In fact, not just your kids, but to your nieces, nephews and the kids in your neighbourhood as well, in case you still happen to have such an affectionate bond of old days with your neighbou

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