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Whole Body Vibrations Whole Body Vibrations Physical And Biological Effects On The Human Body Allows An Understanding About The Qualities And Disadvantages Of Vibration Exposure On The Human Body With A Biomechanical And Medical Perspective It Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Principles, Methods, Techniques And Tools To Provide The Reader With A Clear Knowledge Of The Impact Of Vibration On Human Tissues And Physiological Processes The Text Considers Physical, Mechanical And Biomechanical Aspects And It Is Illustrated By Key Application Domains Such As Sports And Medicine Consisting Of 11 Chapters In Total, The First Three Chapters Provide Useful Tools For Measuring, Generating, Simulating And Processing Vibration Signals The Following Seven Chapters Are Applications In Different Fields Of Expertise, From Performance To Health, With Localized Or Global Effects Since Unfortunately There Are Undesirable Effects From The Exposure To Mechanical Vibrations, A Final Chapter Is Dedicated To This Issue Engineers, Researchers And Students From Biomedical Engineering And Health Sciences, As Well As Industrial Professionals Can Profit From This Compendium Of Knowledge About Mechanical Vibration Applied To The Human Body.

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