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Who Was Mother Teresa? Born A Humble Girl In What Is Now Albania, Agnes Bojaxhiu Lived A Charitable Life She Pledged Herself To A Religious Order At The Age Of And Chose The Name Sister Teresa, After The Patron Saint Of Missionaries While Teaching In India, Where Famine And Violence Had Devastated The Poor, Teresa Shed Her Habit And Walked The Streets Of Calcutta Tending To The Needs Of The Destitute Her Charity Work Soon Expanded Internationally, And Her Name Remains Synonymous With Compassion And Devotion To The Poor

About the Author: Jim Gigliotti

Jim Gigliotti is a freelance writer who lives in Southern California with his wife and two children A former editor at the National Football League, he has writtenthan two dozen books, mostly for young readers.

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    Saint Teresa, pray for us, we need it

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    The book Who Was Mother Teresa is a story about a young girl named Agnes Agnes came from a family of five When Agnes got older and was eighteen, she decided to become a nun When she became a nun, that is when she changed her name to be sister Teresa and soon her name became to be Mother Teresa Mother Teresa

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    105 pages Good biography I learned a lot Nice illustrations throughout Highly recommended for Grades 5 and up.

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    An excellent overview of a life lived with loving sacrifice, demonstrating how one woman s faith impacted thousands.

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    Another wonderful book in the Who was is series For a long time, I have wanted to knowabout Mother Teresa This book did that Very interesting

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    I love the way the books in this series tell the stories of historical and popular figures Mother Teresa appears to have been a wonderful person with a kind and loving heart for all people, and a strong passion for mission work.

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    An excellent overview of her life Well done, especially considering it s a secular book about a religious person.

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    Did you know that Teresa was not her real name Did you know that she became one of the most famous and inspiring humanitarians in the world DId you know that she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her work Did you know that despite others views, she strove to help the weak, destitute and dying Did you know that she spoke 4 languages Did you know

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Mother Teresa was a inspiration to many people and saw Jesus in the face of the people she helped Now how cool is that She came across many hard decisions and dealt with them and with each loss she became stronger The world would be a better place if there would bepeople like h

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    What an incredible human Loved learning about her up bringing and how her family taught her to take in the poor and help others Devastating she lost her father at 8, and the Albanian government refused to let her dying mother and sister come to India, and said they may not let her return to India if she went there I can t imagine saying good bye to my mother and

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