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Who Let The Dork Out? Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereWith Just Months To Go Before The Allied Victory Games In New Delhi, There Is Pandemonium At The Ministry For Urban Regeneration And Public Sculpture Specially Appointed By The Prime Minister To Oversee Preparations For The Games, The Ministry Now Find Themselves In The Centre Of A Media Shit Storm Preparations Are Months Behind Schedule They Had Completely Forgotten About Takewondo And The Minister Badrikedar Laxmanrao Dahake Not Only Has To Deal With An Irate PM But Also With, High Intrigue In The Lok Sabha, Fiendish Investigative Journalists, And A Relentless BBC Reporter Who Insists On Interviewing Him Live In English Dahake Is About To Resign When He Runs Into An Unlikely Saviour Master Strategist, Media Expert, And International Financial Wizard Robin Einstein Varghese, Currently Running The Delhi Lederman Office

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    Dear Diary,Today, I completed a wonderful book As you know Diary, Who let the Dork out is the third Book in the Dork Series by the Mint editor and Twitter chirping Peacock Sidin Vadukut But of course, this is his first work that I have ever read You must know that this happens with me all the time, be it the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov or Har

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    I am actually bothering to write a review This is because I laughed till tears were streaming from my eyes and everyone on my flight stared at me as if I was insane Filled with Indian idiosyncrasies and minute observations about life, this kept me entertained cover to cover Being a consultant myself, I identified with the BS Einstein had to go through Daivam

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    After reading Sidin s first two books, and following his blog for a long time, reading this book was an obvious for me.I had pre ordered this one online, and was waiting eagerly to grab my hands on it.The book 1 in this trilogy are thereSidin sets the pace and the characters beautifully It marked dork s arrival in the literary world.Book 2 was slightly annoying with p

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    I ve now completed the Dork Series by Sidin Vadukut, one which has provided me with a lot of entertainment and uplifted my mood several times Personally, the second part was the best absolutely hilarious The first part was also good, but somehow the frequency of the LOL moments seemed much less in comparison Now, coming to the third part, I think the comedy quotient is someway

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    This has to be the best of the three Dork books DORK The Incredible Adventures of Robin Einstein Varghese , God Save The Dork Who Let The Dork OutIt has been wonderful reading experience for past one week I am sure people around me at home, in train, in office bus might have felt, why this fellow is smiling so much while reading this book The BBC journo episode, first meeting with Colone

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    ROFL ROFL LOL LOL.but wait it was not good as the other twoseems authour has rushed to write the book.

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    Again a very funny book from Sidin In my view this one is not as good as the second book of the trilogy Provides a satisfactory ending to the series though.

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    Murkh chutiyan who are convinced they are brilliant and lack all self awareness are always funny It s like a law of nature A fun, silly read.

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    My rating order of the books in the Dork series would be 2, 3, and 1 While this third book in the series wasn t as good as the second one, it was definitely much better than the first I found myself laughing and snorting at multiple places in the narrative Though, I really do wish there was a better ending than what is now.The thing about Sidin Vadukut s writing is that he takes everyday annoyances that people don t want to ad

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    Wanted to end my 2017 reading on a lighter note and this book didn t disappoint It s a typical Sidin book with great puns and comedy elements rightly placed I didn t like Dork II that much after reading the first book So I was a bit skeptical on this one But this one exceeded expectations It s a 3.5 5 for me but can t choose that, and I can t give 4 5, so let s make peace with 3 5 Sidin, please writesuch books

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