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Where Dreams Begin 4 STARSI will read anything Lisa Kleypas writes Anything.This was a great story, filled with the angst of loss and despair, hope and enduring love Holly Taylor couldn t imagine loving again, let alone loving than she did her late husband At first I was irritated with Holly and her self sacrifice to uphold propriety, but as the story progressed I realized what she was doing I can t even imagine living in a time where you re told how to feel, act, grieve and love But Zachary Bronson was quite possibly the most unlikely of men to win Holly s heart, and reading how he did it was beautiful There were quite a few scenes that had me twisted inside out Zachary s behavior view spoiler when he thought Holly was dying slayed me Hi This was one of the great hidden gems that take you by surprise and wish it never end I adored Zachary a lot one of my fave LK men now one of those men who strive to make themselves better in a time where the lower class weren t given half a chance Zach shows he s not only is he handsome, strong and caring but can be a wicked scoundrel Holly after three years was coming out of her grief shell after the death of her beloved husband into society again and when she s kissed in the shadows by a man, starts her on a different path in life Zachary and Holly were so different yet so alike, while Holly tries to come to terms with the death of her husband, Zachary is trying to prove himself by force to the ton and mostly to himself You can slowly see the tension build between them which was very enjoyable when the steam level goes up a notch later on They were such a great couple as they start to fall in love with each other While Holly did annoy me as she kept running away from Zachary, but as I looked at it from a different view, it s hard to say goodbye to Where Dreams Begin Free Author Lisa Kleypas We Re Strangers In The Darkness, He Whispered We Ll Never Be Together Like This Again Zachary Bronson Has Built An Empire Of Wealth And Power, But All London Knows He Is Not A Gentleman He Needs A Wife To Secure His Position In Society And Warm His Bed In Private But One Alluring, Unexpected Kiss From Lady Holly Taylor Awakens A Powerful Need Within Him Beyond Respectability.An Exceptional Beauty Whose Fierce Passions Match Zachary S Own, Holly Always Intended To Play By Society S Rules, Even When They Clashed With Her Bolder Instincts But Now A Dashing Stranger Has Made Her A Scandalous Offer That Does Not Include Matrimony Should She Ignore The Sensuous Promise Of A Forbidden Kissor Risk Everything To Follow Her Heart To A Place Where Dreams Begin Recently I asked a few goodreads friends to help me out with some recommendations for something light with some sexy times in it and if possible a good audiobook version to go along with the ebook Let s just say they did not fail me I got some great recommends and this was one of them.This is my first Lisa Kleypas novel and I enjoyed it so much I m sure it won t be my last The build of sexual tension was so good and even the storyline was really enjoyable Mr Bronson is new to the aristocracy, he has a lot of money but not the manners a true gentleman needs for society Lady Holly is a widow still very much in love with the memory of a man who died three years ago In a chance meeting in the dark Mr Bronson mistakes her for the Lady he has arranged a liaison with and before he realizes the mistake he has kissed her and ignited something neither one was expecting Now he just has to figure out how to claim her and make her his own It was a special agony to be placed under the power of a virtuous woman The only consolation was that she didn t seem to understand how completely he was in her thrall Lady Holly ends up in Bronson s home to teach manners and etiquette to his sister, mother and himself in an attempt to help them be accepted into society and find goo Me hace bien al coraz n leer a Lisa Kleypas As de simple. RelecturaMe sorprend an esas 4 estrellas porque hasta pr cticamente el final estaba siendo una novela de 5pero no me ha gustdo c mo Kleypas ha resuelto el conflicto de George Lo siento y le bajo una estrellitaPara m una de las buenas de esta autora donde ya refleja esa gran pasi n que siente por las diferencias sociales y el reflejo, en Londres, del gran sue o americano el pobre que se hace inmensamente ricoZack, reflejo de los protagonistas de Lisa, si algo me gusta de ella es la capacidad que tiene Aunque no es de sus libros m s memorables, se trata de un buen ejemplo de la maravillosa autora de romance hist rico que es Lisa Kleypas Muy bien documentado, transcurre en una poca interesant sima, la primera revoluci n industrial Cuenta la bonita historia entre dos personajes con una gran qu mica marca de la casa Holly, una viuda con un marido muerto muy mo as, una hija monisima esos botones y unas migra as provocadas por su frustraci n sexual, y Zachary, un bruto de lo m s encantador, con pelo en el pechote en el que la prota no para de pensar en rebozarse todassomosHolly y muchos puntos en com n con mis adorados Derek Craven y Jack Devlin.Por si os interesa una cr tica que expresa mucho mejor que yo, y con m s gracia, lo que me parece este libro, no os perd is la I have to say, it was very hard for me to rate this book There were parts I loved, making me want to give it a 4, and parts that I hated, making me want to give it a 3 or less Ultimately, I had to go with my instincts and go with the 3 Let me tell you whyWhat I Loved In general, I loved this book Absolutely loved it I loved the concept and, for the most part, the way that Lisa Kleypas built the story I loved the characters, with the exception of one, and I really did want to see them happy Zachary Bronson is, in a word, perfect Gorgeous, intelligent, strong, protective, loving, generous, honorable, and sexual How could you not want him I honestly don t understand how Holly resisted the man for so long And, on top of all that, he was completely in love with her daughter He s loving, gentle, and kind to his family, in love with you and your daughter, and you re going to leave him Whaaaa Rose was utterly adorable, the cutest little girl ever and I loved how Zach always got her new buttons for her button string Elizabeth and Paula were awesome, too, and I loved that Elizabeth and Jason Somers found love with each other I just wish that there was some of the book from their points of view so that I could have seen their love develop.What I Didn t Like It took me until about page 300 to start liking Holly and there is one reason it took so long, and this reason is why I rated the book a 3 It was the fact that Holly was constantly comparin Book gods Stacia, you ve had a rough reading week It s time that we allow you a moment of rest Go forth and enjoy this familiar author as you relax in our favor for this brief moment Me Thank you, sirs and madams I will try not to squander your gift3.5 stars I had to deduct half a point for an ending that should have been cut off about 30 pages sooner.I m officially refreshed now Kleypas never fails to entertain me The formula still stands as successful as ever There are no witty quips to share this time but I m okay with that Zachary was my kind of hero except for that ever persistent chest hair that Kleypas seems to favor on her male leads Springy chest hair has never sounded attractive to me He fights as in bare knuckle boxing , he swears, and he knows how to please a woman Society be damned, he s going to fit in without the help of noble gentlemen If he can t buy respect, he ll win it And this time he s out to win the heart of Lady Holland The sound of his voice stunned hera deep purring rumble, like the voice of Hades as he dragged an unwilling Persephone down to 4.5 No soy lectora de Kleypas, en mi estanter a almaceno libros de otras escritoras es que, en general, me gustan m s Y, si he le do ste, es porque sali elegido en un grupo de lecturas conjuntas As , de entrada, puedes imaginarte lo sorprendida que estoy de que el l

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LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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