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When God Made You Download When God Made You By Matthew Paul Turner Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk YOU, You God Thinks About You God Was Thinking Of You Long Before Your Debut From Early On, Children Are Looking To Discover Their Place In The World And Longing To Understand How Their Personalities, Traits, And Talents Fit In The Assurance That They Are Deeply Loved And A Unique Creation In Our Big Universe Is Certain To Help Them Spread Their Wings And Fly Through Playful, Charming Rhyme And Vivid, Fantastical Illustrations, When God Made You Inspires Young Readers To Learn About Their Own Special Gifts And How They Fit Into God S Divine Plan As They Grow, Explore, And Begin To Create For ThemselvesCause When God Made YOU, Somehow God Knew That The World Needed Someone Exactly Like You

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    I wrote it So, I think it s awesome.

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    David Catrow is an imaginative illustrator I adore He is a master at splashing fun throughout this adorable picture book with a powerful message This writer and illustrator team help make memorable moments for parents and child.I never forget books that this illustrator has created.This book helps generate a dialogue between parent and child about how God has a plan for their life

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    Powerful words, especially for children with special needs This book is so beautifully written and illustrated The words went straight to my heart Through this book, I was able to open dialogue with my child about how special she is God didn t make a mistake when he made her little body Even though her body works differently than other children her age, God had a plan and he kne

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    Children are so curious about the world around them But they also wonder about themselves Are they special Why are they different from everyone else Who made them The author and illustrator worked closely together to create a book that tells and shows children exactly why they are the way they are and who designed them to be that way Each page is completely covered in illustration w

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    This book is beautiful in every way and the world needs to read it Especially the littles

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    Full review on Faithfully Bookish 3 12 17This book celebrates the everyday while challenging children to continue learning and growing into the person they are created to be Most importantly, it emphasiz...

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    God smiles and here s why in the spark of your eye,A familiar reflection shines bright from inside Cause when God made youand the world oohed and aahed,in heaven they called you an image of God.You, you, and when God dreams about you,God dreams about all that in you will be true Matthew Paul TurnerThere are so many charming children s books available today, but few celebrate the indivi

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    I loved this book It is aimed at preschool age children, although the publisher has ages 3 7 listed and I think that is pretty accurate This is also a book I feel could be used in both your home and in a Sunday School or Children in Worship environment.The illustrations are incredibly beautiful and the extremely colorful They also have a very flowly quality to them All of the characters

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    Beautiful, heartwarming, encouraging, diverse All the things I love about children s books all rolled into one I usually don t love the Christian children s books I buy as they are usually bland and preachy This one is anything but Matthew s...

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    This book is beautiful It tells how you were known, long before you stepped foot into the world The illustrations, the people it was incredible Books like this one are why I enjoy children s book reviews so much Turner and Catrow created a masterpiece in this book

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