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What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? (in 50 F*@#ing Recipes) Hilarious and useful at the same time My family is full of foul mouth veterans, Jerseyites, city dwellers and blue collar Mericans, and this book offers easy to follow tasty and healthy recipes and the added benefit of chastising and I read this book cover to cover then went through the highlights with my hubs then turned around and also bought it for my book partner in crime I think it s safe to say I LOVE this book It s sooo ent This is a decent cookbook with the gimmick of a lot of cursing The cursing is entertaining at first and then just enough is enough I like how there is some cross referencing of the recipes, where a recipe page will refer you to other pages if you want something different or a variation The reci Read as part of the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge Check out how I m doing for the sake of being honest, I have no idea if any of the recipes in this book are any good I haven t cooked anything I m not much of a chef of a throw it in the microwave and see how it turns out, but this book had me howling with laughter.I usually don t bother reading anything out loud to my family, but this book was read cover to cover and we were all crying with laughter There are so many funny segments that this book is a pleasure to read.There are a range of recipes from vegetarian to meat dishes All of them look delicious, all of them are explained pretty simply I believe even I could actually follow these recipes if the inclination took me.The only down side is that I bought this book on the Kindle, and the Choose Your Own element at the end of each recipe didn t link to the pages they were supposed to My fault for buying a recipe book on Kindle, I Bloody hilarious Don t dare reading it out loud with a 3 year old present. Most of these recipes call for things I can t afford in my current budget, cooked in ways that are fancier than I m used to my mother wouldn t have known how to teach me to do it either It needs photos but makes a nice coffee table book for adult visitors. For the indecisive cook with a well stocked pantry. Ok so I have mixed reviews for this cookbook First of all it s hilarious I loved reading through it and laughing at all the recipes and descriptions So entertainment wise it was awesome.Unfortunately, the actual recipes are really hit and miss So far I ve only made 3 a Mint, Basil, Pea Linguine, Pork Loin with Tomato Peach Cutney, and Browned Butter Sage Grilled Cheese Sandwiches The Sage Grilled Cheese sandwiches were amazing The pork loin was so so, and unfortunately the linguine was as weird as it sounds The recipes on the whole are I have no idea if the recipes are any good but the book is oh, so offensive wrong and hilarious. Don T Know What To Make For Dinner Is Every Evening An Occasion For Duress And Deliberation No What The F Should I Make For Dinnergets Everyone Off Their A Es And In The Kitchen Derived From The Incredibly Popular Website, Whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com, The Book Functions Like A Choose Your Own Adventure Cookbook, With Options On Each Page For Another F Ing Idea For Dinner.With 50 Recipes To Choose From, Guided By Affrontingly Creative Navigational Prompts, Both Meat Eaters And Vegetarians Can Get Cooking And Leave Their Indecisive Selves Behind.

About the Author: Zach Golden

Zach Golden is a writer and director in Brooklyn, NY He lives with his wife Sara and dog Oscar, both of whom are allowed on the furniture.

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