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We Weren't Lovers Like That At The Start Of The New Millennium, Aftab S Life Came Undone He Turned Forty, And His Wife Of Fourteen Years Left Him For Another Man, Taking Their Only Child With Her Now He Is On A Train To Dehradun, The Town Of His Childhood, Doing The One Thing He Feels He Is Still Good At Running Away As He Looks Back On His Imperfect Past, Crowded With Personal And Professional Compromises, Only A Slim Hope Saves Him From Despair Perhaps This Flight Will Give Him A Second Chance To Reclaim A Long Lost Love That Could Have Been His, Had He The Courage Of His Convictions And Then He Can Start Afresh With Uncommon Sensitivity And A Rare Understanding Of Human Emotions, Navtej Sarna Has Produced A Poignant Account Of A Life Of Missed Opportunities And Approximate Loves

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    It is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all, they say But those who have loved and lost will tell you a different story, andoften than not , it will be that its better to not love at all than to lose a loved one Losing a loved one to death would probably be much easier in one angle You at least know that they were yours in living But losing a loved one due to circumstances and situations, we

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    About time this book got a decent review, a review that it deservesWe Weren t Lovers Like Thatwas a book I discovered in my favourite book shop in Shimla and what drew me to this book was its diction, which I, being a sucker for poetry, immediately fell in love with Much to my misfortune, I had no money to buy it that day and by the next day, the book was already sold.Not less than three months later, my friend was reading

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    This is a book narrated in first person by a protagonist who prefers to live in the past, reminscing about past loves and his life slipping by, as he is on a train journey from Delhi to Dehradun.The tone is introspective and melancholy, the narrative is rambling and high on persecutory delusions, yet the book grabs at you with its raw emotions and promises of second chances.I see myself re reading it for the lyrical prose and descri

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    This is a book set in Delhi at the turn of this century, butthan that it is set in the memories of the protagonist, Aftab Chandra Ostensibly, you accompany Aftab on a train journey from Delhi to Dehradun, but as you turn the last page, you feel as if you have watched from the sidelines as he goes back and forth between the past, present and future You find yourself struggling to match his sometimes feverish, sometimes despondent pace as he looks back o

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    I like books where the protagonist is not an all around hero The protagonist here is actually a bit of an average joe, if not a sad sack, but this actually adds to the appeal of the book I wasn t sure what to make of the end, but how else could it have ended.

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