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Wake, Rise, Resist Joanna Spathis And Kerri Kennedy S How To Guide To Social Activism For Teens Or Anyone, Really Includes Well Researched Actions And Plenty Of Entertaining Snark In Ten Chapters Set Up In Three Parts, The Book Is Designed To Guide Readers Into Finding Their Political Voice And Is Set Up In Such A Way To Help Those Feeling Disenfranchised Be Empowered InstantlyWake, Rise, Resist Shows Readers How To Get Involved In The Work For Social Justice, Racial Equality, Refugees, Feminism, The Environment, And This Book Has Something To Engage And Empower Every Reader, No Matter Their Age Or Personality TypePart I Building Your Activist Toolkit Sets All Activists Up For Success, With Actions To Help Extroverts, Introverts, Artists, Techies, Social Media Junkies, And Part II Activism Gets Real Takes A Long Look At Racism, Sexism, And Privilege And Also Offers A Chapter With Than Passion Projects To Capture The Imagination Of Any Reader Part III From Activist To Advocate Offers Advice On How To Raise Awareness, Raise Funds, And Use Self Care To Keep Yourself In The FightStop Feeling Overwhelmed And Start Feeling In Control It S Time To Wake, Rise, Resist

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    This book is packed full of wonderful meaningful ideas for young and old who want to make this world a better place I love the tone of Wake, Rise, Resist My teenage daughter has anxiety about the current situation this country is in and this book really helps to ease her worries It gives her ideas that we try to complete weekly that help her feel less vulnerable.

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    Full disclosure I cowrote this But I firmly stand behind my five star rating Super proud of this book and putting it out into the world

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    Goodreads Giveaway winner This book is a practical age appropriate guide to activism for the young progressive It is filled with lots of actionable ideas, with links and resources It addresses important issues in our country It encourages the reader to find their passion based on their personal interests in order to create change The authors stress that the youth are not only our future but also our present It is the youth o

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    This book is amazing Both my child and myself are finding it very informative and inspiring I love all of the tips on how to get started really make a difference at the grass roots level

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    I loved this book for its plethora of practical suggestions I felt inspired to find some new ways to act on the issues that are important to me Although the book is meant for teens adults can take many new ideas away from this book I ll be sharing with other friends who want to change the direction of our country.

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