[EPUB] ✴ Tomorrows End (The Girl From Tomorrow, #2) ✷ Mark Shirrefs – Writerscompany.co.uk

I read this a while ago but I remember that i liked it I ve been looking for my own copy for a few years now. Good grief, I read this so many times as a kid I loved the series to bits but this was well before youtube so reading the book was really the only way to properly relive it. Realising That They Have Polluted The Time Stream With Their Experiments, The Scientists From The Year 3000 Resolve To Return Jenny And Silverthorn To Their Respective Times And Then Destroy The Capsule Before It Can Do Any Harm Troubles In The Year 2500, However, Lead To Alana And Her Guardian, Tulista, Returning To A Devastated Future They Must Return To 2500 And Change Whatever It Was That Went Wrong In Order To Cause The Great Disaster To Reach Australia. Tomorrows End (The Girl From Tomorrow, #2)

About the Author: Mark Shirrefs

Australian television script writer.

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