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To the Max OMG I LOVE YOU, Elle Aycart I just finished saying in my review that Max needed his own book like IMMEDATELY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Can t wait I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you 4 pregnant lady boob enhancer starsI ve spent all my adult life chasing that adrenaline high Now, for the first time, I don t have to I feel totally at peace with youTo the Max was one of those reads I d been dying and dying to get my grabby hands on ever since the closure of Heavy Issues and Inked Ever After. Imagine my surprise, after months since I d last reached out to the author, Elle Aycart herself pops up in my email with an ARC for me to read I swear, I literally did cartwheels and a happy dance Haha.As the third and final Bowen boy, Max is a notorious ladies man and adrenaline junkie He s a Hollywood stuntman and graphic designer who, in no way, is looking to settle down, that is, until Annie comes into the picture.35 year old Annie Griffin, is your typical every day gal who just so happens to have an interesting family heritage and has a bun in the oven from a one night stand with a gigolo Hah.She is eight years older than Max and comes to live with him after her apartment goes under renovations and Max offers her a place to stay Apprehensive and stubborn at first, Annie refuses Max s help and strives to try to make it on her own without anyone s help, but reluctantly relents after Max makes a proposition she cannot refuse As they cohabit together, and feelings develop and sexual tensions begin to take a mind of their own and unfold into something Will Max be able to prove himself to Annie Will Annie be able to let go and let Max in And with external forces, deadly foes, and self doubts paving the way to threaten to tear apart Max and Annie s budding romance How will this duo succumb the opposition set against them Will Maxnie rise to the Max and battle against all odds Or is their love just not meant to be A lovely follow up from the talented Elle Aycart I ve always had a soft spot for the Bowen men and Max proved to go above and beyond He was a true softie and romantic underneath that front he gives off Oh how the mighty fall, ladies Once a Bowen man falls, he s in it to win it I was NOT disappointed One click this baby NOW Can t wait for Jack s story squealsI wasn t planning for this to happen, baby, for me to feel the way I do about you I want a fighting chance to make this work Forensic Accountant Annie Griffin Has Always Suspected She S A Bit Jinxed, So When She Finds Herself 35, Single, Temporarily Homeless, And Pregnant On A Technicality By A Gigolo, Her Fears Are Confirmed.Adrenaline Junkie And Professional Stuntman Max Bowen Needs A House Sitter To Watch After His Pets While He S Out Of Town Annie Needs A Place To Stay Standard Quid Pro Quo No Biggie She Can Handle That, Whatever Hellhounds He Owns Until Max, The Most Sought After Bachelor In The County, Comes Back Ahead Of Schedule And Suddenly She S Roommates With A 27 Year Old Sex God Who Turns Out To Be So Much Than What She Expected.Max Might Have Had The Attention Span Of A Humming Bird On Crack When It Comes To Women, But That Was Before Annie Her Quirkiness And Sweet Contradictions Soon Captivate Him, Not That She S Inclined To Give Him The Time Of The Day With His Reputation Preceding Him, He Knows The Odds Are Badly Stacked Against Him, But He Will Do His Best To Prove Her That He S What She Needs, Stuck Up Socialite Grandmothers, Doomsday Preppers, Groupies, Pregnancy Hormones, And Repentant Biological Dads Be Damned. You telling me you moonlight as a porn stuntman He cocked an eyebrow You mean a stunt dick, right Ace Yes Just for the record I would never be a stunt dick I would be the main dick 4 Stars Operation Kindle Klean Up Kommencing Another one I had on there for some time The Bowen Boys series is one I ve followed for years James Bowen, from More Than Meets the Ink has made an impression in book 1 nearly four years ago with his sexy blonde self Possessive with a brain and not annoying, he s one of my fave heroes And boy was I happy he had brothers I preferred Christy in book 2 as a heroine because who wouldn t love a geek with body issues who finally gets a great guy in the super damaged oldest brother Cole But Max, the youngest blonde Bowen with a nipple piercing , the stuntman and renowned ladies man, his book was the one I was really looking forward And I waited and waited And found books to keep me occupied in the interim if my shelves are anything to go by But when I learned it d be Christy s good friend, Annie the recently knocked from a one night stand and older Annie as Max s love interest, I really could wait to read Age gaps are my kink I devoured this book in less than 24 hours Far from perfect, it was entertaining and filled with Ayecart snark, one liners, Bowen men growls , surprises and hot fucking Good thing you re not a sympathetic puker We need to stop meeting like this I m not used to making girls ill This is very bad for my self confidence They tend to be doing something else when they re on their knees It was beautiful reading them go from somewhat friends to roommates to lovers I love reading playboys falling in love Max was totally clueless and it was great reading his reactions to the baby s father trying to get back in Annie s life or other men around the woman he just can t stop thinking about Love the view spoiler richer hide spoiler To the Max was the third book in the Bowen Boys series by Elle Aycart.Max Bowen was the youngest Bowen brother At twenty seven, he was the thrill seeking playboy He was a Hollywood stuntman that had a bad boy reputation He was always the respectful gentleman, but would never give a commitment beyond the night He was legendary in the small town of Alden, Massachusetts.Annie Griffin was the hysterically funny friend to Tate and Christy books one and two She was thirty five, a successful accountant and had a unique family mix between her divorced parents After a sexy encounter with a professional escort, a night that she won as a gift, she was now expecting and soon to be a single parent.I loved everything about Max and Annie They were stunning, strong, loyal, sensitive, unique, smart, fun loving and had humor on steroids To the Max was written in a dual POV The storyline began by setting the stage for Max and Annie s encounters They were friends by association and were often at the same gatherings Aycart showcased their friendship development and we watched as it eventually moved from friends to lovers The storyline had a strong foundation mixed with suspense, intrigue, sexiness, an abundance of humor, a few unexpected twists, and a mixture of sweetness It was well written and well developed with depth, dimension and complexity The only downside were a few editing errors.Of the first three books in the series, this was by far my favorite to date It was a quick read and was highly entertaining It could technically be read as a standalone, but I don t recommend it And although there are no gorgeous Bowen brothers left for the series, Aycart had been building the tension between Jack and Elle for several books It showed promise for a great storyline to sizzle in Jacked Up. FIVE WORTH THE WAIT STARS Absolutely loved this book It s been a long wait for Max s story but it was totally worth it I was a bit apprehensive about the plot older woman, pregnant with another man s baby, but it was handled beautifully The natural progression from Max being a caring friend to mutual attraction was well done Max was a great alpha male Sure he was younger, but he behaved with maturity And like the other Bowen brothers he is jealous, possessive and ultra protective There was a subtle suspense plot throughout the book so when things went down it didn t seem like an afterthought.I really enjoyed every part of this book including the survivalists scenes and revisiting with the other couples There was also an incident with a vibrating bullet that cracked me up.Max lived up to being my favorite Bowen brother and I m looking forward to Jack and Elle. Of course i LOVE it We waited for so long for Max and i adore how good Elle writesi just love her books and this series, i friggin Love the Bowen brothers And Maxand Vikingi just leave this herethis is my Max 5 I expected good I got fabulous Stars Where do I start, I have so many things I want to say about this book, the series, and Elle Aycart I love them all, I want , I hate waiting, but equally I don t mind, because the wait produces books like this, a book that I couldn t put down, characters and pets I fell in love with, again and again and again A town I want to move to, its residents I want to be neighbors with, and an author I will never, ever not want to read a book by I knew that already, but I thought it prudent to just add it in, if anyone was in any doubt and sex, holy shit the sex, sex I went back and re read several times over just to make sure I didn t miss any of it Perfection Pure Reading Perfection To the Max literally offers you a bit of everything, it is like a well stocked buffet of tropes, nothing is left unexplored, everything that is added has a reason and the romance, suspense, character development, sexual tension, sex I may have already mentioned that and general ebb and flow of the story just pulls you in, I couldn t stop reading Annie and Max s story extends the series as it goes, the Bowen family and friends all featured heavily in their storyline, it is just a book you wholly absorb yourself into Max Bowen Just for the record I would never be a stunt dick I would be the main dick I loved this pairing Annie is a straight laced, by the book, follow the rules lady There is definitely to this woman than initially meets the eye, and she is a woman, 35 and proud, living independently Max being eight years her junior made for some great conversations between the two of them, Boob Enahncer and Pregnant Lady also delivered some off the charts chemistry Being the resident bachelor of Aldean, no one expected the no strings king , to fall hard for someone with such opposing qualities to his usual hook ups I ve never had someone I couldn t live without Now I do I m having trouble adjusting But that s the point they were just hook ups What occurs between Annie and Max is , their story builds for the first 50% of the book, this is the building of a relationship, there is no instant gratification, and I think that is one of the main reasons I was hooked, Elle builds this story and the relationship between the two of them with such skill, you fall in love with them as a pair as they fall in love with each other as a couple.As all Bowen men before him, Max is a skilled, imaginative, and dirty, blunt, dominant man in the bedroom, Annie initially a little prim and proper, but as they grow as a couple, and Annie loses her inhibitions it is literally full steam ahead Elle manages to bring originality to her sex, she is for me the most imaginative, graphic and visual writer in the erotic sex genre They may be brothers but their talents in the bedroom, personalities and dispositions are wholly their own You never feel like you are reading a re hash, this family and each of its members are uniquely lovable and equally unforgettable Blood does not a family make I could go on I have masses of highlights, reams of notes, lists of potential images and gifs I am not going to do that I want you to read the book, not get bored reading and epic essay that I have written about wanting you to go read it To the Max is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, but I would strongly urge you to go check out the previous books there are a few companion novellas as well More than Meets the Ink Heavy Issues won t regret it, you will end up addicted to the Bowen family, their lives, the town and the people they come into contact with I will now go cry quietly in a corner, while I wait for Elle to write Jacked up I have everything crossed that I get it in my sweaty little paws sooner rather than later My gratitude goes to Elle Aycart for providing me with a e copy of the book for review It was my pleasure, an absolute treat, and a downright privilege to be able to do so What are you thinking How young you look Were you thinking that yesterday while I was between your legs, eating your pussy after I d f cked you hard against the wall I wasn t thinking Good That s how we ll keep it, thenA love story penned by Elle Aycart never disappoints, something about her trademark style of romance making me ache in anticipation every single time I am about to start reading one of her books because there s not a doubt in my mind that she d overload my senses and leave me squiggling in my seat from the sheer sexiness of her words I have been waiting for a long time to read Max s story and all good things definitely come to those who wait because this book was everything I hoped it d be and so much The perfect fusion of sweet and racy, with well timed injections of humour and suspense, I loved every word in it And I am now desperately besotted with another Bowen brother, another incorrigible dirty mouthed alpha male this one just happens to look like a mouth watering VikingI ve been in the dating arena long enough to know that when your date starts talking about themselves in the third person, it s time to hideAnnie Griffin is a single woman in her mid thirties who dreams of settling down and marrying the man of her dreams, even though her dating history has amounted to one disappointment after another But she remains an optimist, an active dater who is willing to persevere in her search for the love of her life, even if to find him she d have to kiss many a frog Annie s life comes to a standstill when she finds herself pregnant, compliments of an impetuous one night stand with an escortI somehow envisioned embracing motherhood differently Not at thirty five, without a partner, and knocked up by a gigolo who might or might not be named LuigiMax is the youngest Bowen brother, and the last bachelor in this family of genetically blessed men A professional stuntman, a daredevil, an irrepressible heartbreaker who loves playing the field, he wears his singlehood like a badge of honour, envisioning commitment and long term relationships only somewhere very far on the horizon When he runs into Annie at his brother s wedding, any spark that might have ignited otherwise between them is quickly doused by an unexpected bout of morning sickness, coupled with the frustration from finding herself on another failed date to add to her already lengthy list But their connection is immediate from the start, even with the wrong bodily fluids exchanged between them, both surprised by how easy it is to talk to one another and how effortless it is to be in each other s companyhe was such a shameless flirt Gorgeous, charming, easygoing Pity when it came to women, he has the attention span of a hummingbird on crackWhen Annie finds herself temporarily without a place to stay, Max offers her his home, a housesitting arrangement suiting them both while he s away working on location and while she adjusts to her new condition But every time he comes back home, he finds new reasons for liking the witty, down to earth, funny woman sleeping under his roof And for wanting with herI ve watched you come apart in my arms I ve held you while you slept I ve felt your baby kick No, I haven t f cked you My dick hasn t been inside you But don t be mistaken we do have an intimate relationshipAs they start tiptoeing in the lukewarm waters of a friends with benefits arrangement, Annie struggles with the eight year age difference between them most of all, fully aware that their priorities in life are nowhere near being aligned to one another, not to mention her impending single motherhood never letting her forget that she would soon be responsible for than just herself And yet, their attraction and affection for one another keep taking root, making Max and aware each day that that some things in life cannot be planned and that when the right woman comes along, you sweep her off her feet and never let her goI ll erase them What Your reservations I will blast them out of the sky Every single one of themI will be honest with you, this story had me at pregnant by a gigolo , knowing that the element of an unexpected and possible single parenthood would pull at my heartstrings from the get go, but this story is so much than just a formulaic scenario of an incorrigible bachelor falling for the single mum This is a story of two people becoming friends first, of loving each other platonically well before their attraction kicks in, of a man finally finding someone he could no longer imagine living without and who makes him want to be the man she deserves to have in her life, and of a woman who blossoms emotionally the day she allows herself to fall head over heels in love with a sexy, over protective Viking , age differences and self imposed inhibitions be damned I loved the slow burning pace of this love story, the way we get to witness the gradual evolution of their relationship from friends to lovers, from lovers to each other s forevers and I couldn t get enough of the sizzling chemistry between them, not to mention the explosive sex scenes that were simply perfect start to finishI noticed when I went to your bedroom that you have a yoga swing hanging from your ceiling I didn t know you practiced yoga I don t That s a sex swingI cannot recommend this book highly enough, every aspect of it pleasing immensely the romance junkie in me, while making my heart race for all the right reasons If a well written, sexy, feel good love story is your thing, look no furtherLove me I m a simple man, Ace I don t ask for muchSee this review on my blog Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter US UK CA

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After a colorful array of jobs all over Europe ranging from translator to chocolatier to travel agent to sushi chef to flight dispatcher, Elle Aycart is certain of one thing and one thing only aside from writing romances, she has abso frigging lutely no clue what she wants to do when she grows up Not that it stops her from trying all sorts of crazy stuff While she is probably now thinking of a

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