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The Yellow Dog (Maigret #6) The Fifth Book In The New Penguin Maigret Series Georges Simenon S Gripping Tale Of Small Town Suspicion And Revenge , In Linda Asher S Timeless TranslationThere Was An Exaggerated Humility About Her Her Cowed Eyes, Her Way Of Gliding Noiselessly About Without Bumping Into Things, Of Quivering Nervously At The Slight Est Word, Were The Very Image Of A Scullery Maid Accustomed To Hardship And Yet He Sensed, Beneath That Image, Glints Of Pride Held Firmly In Check She Was Anaemic Her Flat Chest Was Not Formed To Rouse Desire Nevertheless, She Was Strangely Appealing, Perhaps Because She Seemed Troubled, Despondent, Sickly.In The Windswept Seaside Town Of Concarneau, A Local Wine Merchant Is Shot In Fact, Someone Is Out To Kill All The Influential Men And The Entire Town Is Soon Sent Into A State Of Panic For Maigret, The Answers Lie With The Pale, Downtrodden Waitress Emma, And A Strange Yellow Dog Lurking In The ShadowsPenguin Is Publishing The Entire Series Of Maigret Novels In New Translations This Novel Has Been Published In A Previous Translation As A Face For A Clue Compelling, Remorseless, Brilliant John Gray One Of The Greatest Writers Of The Twentieth Century Simenon Was Unequalled At Making Us Look Inside, Though The Ability Was Masked By His Brilliance At Absorbing Us Obsessively In His Stories Guardian A Supreme Writer Unforgettable Vividness Independent

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    Le chien jaune The Yellow Dog Maigret 6 , Georges Simenon 1995 6 1373 199 1389 182 9789644890352 20Le chien jaune The Yellow Dog Maigret 6 , Georges Simenon 1995 6 1373 199 1389 182 9789644890352 2044 112

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    There s a reason this one is considered a classic Maigret The early books in this series have been a little bit hit and miss in terms of real quality vs Simenon s famed speedy production but The Yellow Dog was reissued as part of the Penguin Red Classics series and is deserving of the accolade.Set in a sleepy seaside town Maigret is called in to solve the seemingly random sh

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    Four hard drinking, lecherous friends all of them well to do meet most nights at the Admiral Hotel s caf in the backwater seaside town of Concarneau when they re not carousing On Friday, Nov 7, one of their number is wounded, shot in the stomach, on his way home from a night of drinking with these friends One by one each friend, is attacked always when a certain yellow dog is present

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    Era impossibile indovinare i sentimenti di Maigret, tutto intento a caricare la la pipa con le dita tozze La sua borsa da tabacco era lisa Il suo sguardo vagava, attraverso una vetrata, sull ampio orizzonte del mare Basterebbero queste semplici parole che sono la summa di ci che Maigret e di cosa rappresenta nel panorama del giallo, non solo francese I romanzi di Simenon dedicati al commissario

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    In uno scenario prevalentemente notturno e piovoso, in cui si susseguono agguati, tentati omicidi, avvelenamenti e il clima di sospetto si stringe attorno ai notabili di paese, l apparizione di un enorme cane giallo che vaga senza apparente padrone per i luogh...

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    grande maigret, qui ancora pi del solito

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    Chronique tir e de mon blog Une lecture moyenne.Ce que j ai bien aim , c est le personnage de Maigret, il est moins passif que ce que j imaginais Bon certes il n est pas non plus port sur l action, il se balade, il discute avec tout le monde On voit bien qu il a une bonne id e de la psychologie des personnages et qu il cerne bien tous les protagonistes Il laisse les choses avancer aussi, contrairement beaucoup d enqu teurs plus moder

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    In The Yellow Dog US , Superintendent Maigret is sent to investigate a shooting in a small coastal town in France It s not long before there are other crimes committed in the locality and they all centre upon a group of men who frequent the Admiral Hotel Firstly, poison is discovered in the bottles of Pernod and Calvados which happen to be the tipples of the group in question Later on one of the men vanishes, suspected killed, and another is f

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    I read Maigret because he is an interesting detective and also because it s good to get a little bit of a French perspective amid all the British and American settings While there s no way you can figure out the solutio...

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