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4338-й год: Петербургские письма The Year 4338 Petersburg Letters Russian 4338 Is An 1835 Novel By Vladimir Odoevsky It Is A Futuristic Novel, Set In The Year 4338, A Year Before Biela S Comet Was To Collide With The Earth As Computed In The 1820s Although The Comet Burned Up Later In The Nineteenth Century This Work Was Originally Conceived As The Third Part Of A Trilogy, Which Was Also To Have Featured Depictions Of Russia In The Time Of Peter The Great And In The Authors Contemporary Period, The 1830 S The First Part Was Never Written And The Second And Futuristic Parts Remained Unfinished Fragments Were Published In 1835 And 1840, With The Fullest Version Appearing In 1926.

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    From the English translation at really enjoyed this short little series of letters and notes I wish there was A lot better, imaginative, and foresight than Wells in some ways, and he wrote this in 1835 Russia instead of 1895 England.Very comparable to H.G...

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