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The World of Nagaraj Nagaraj S World Is Quite And Comfortable Living In His Family S Spacious House With Only His Wife Sita For Company, He Fills His Day Writing Letters, Drinking Coffee, Doing Some Leisurely Book Keeping For His Friend Coomar S Boeing Sari Company, And Sitting On His Veranda Watching The World And Planning The Book He Intends To Write About The Life Of The Great Sage Narada But Everything Is Disturbed When Tim, The Son Of His Ambitious Landowing Brother Gopu, Decides To Leave Home And Come To Live With Nagaraj Forced To Take Responsibility For The Boy, Puzzled By His Secret Late Night Activities And By The Strong Smell Of Sprits Which Lingers Behind Him, Nagaraj Finds His Days, Suddenly Filled With Unwelcome Complication And Turbulence, Which Threaten To Alter For Ever The Contented Tranquility Of His World The Latest Of RKNarayan S Magnificent Malgudi Books, The World Of Nagaraj Is Beautifully Written, Funny And Haunting , Evoking In Marvelously Rich Detail The Atmosphere Of A Small Town In Southern India And Creating A Magical World Into Which The Reader Is Instantly Drawn

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    Another depressing read This time it is Nagraj who is a coward unable to face the real life Always hesitant to take a stand, he spends his day dreaming and sustaining the family on money left behind by his father Always wanting to take the easy way out he spoils the career of his nephew and yet out of sheer ignorance and lethargy takes no cognizan

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    3.75 starsI found reading this novel quite readable but a bit disappointing, I wondered why and kept telling myself everyone for some reason would live in his world like Nagaraj One of the reasons is that possibly I ve long considered his Swami and Friends in mind as one of his best so theI read it, the less I felt convinced as another However, there are a

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    It had been a while since I read an RK Narayan book I had been in search of some Indian English books and I rifled through my sister s bookshelf to get this gem I loved the character of Nagaraj I loved the way he thinks I loved everything about him, including his aversion to the harmonium He made me laugh and considering my grim facedness in life, that s something to

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    RKN had got his first novel Swami and Friends published in 1935 after lot of struggle but there was no looking back once the mystic town of Malgudi was born The World of Nagaraj was his penultimate novel which got published in 1990 and hence clearly one of his later works Maybe, it was an idea that did not go the way RKN wanted it to, maybe he just grew tired of the idea, but

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    RK Narayan wrote The World of Nagaraj nearly 50 years after he d published the first of his Malgudi novels Swami and Friends in 1935 While the sheer longevity of Narayan s fictitious world is astonishing, it must be said that the fatigue of writing over five decades was somewhat visible in this particular book.While the book about Nagaraj a quintessential Malgudi resident who seems blis

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    A fairly mediocre story.I ve read better stuff written by Mr.Narayan.

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    Simplicity enables a person to understand the depths of human nature as well as the universe R.K.Narayan s novel The World Of Nagaraj just like his other books, takes the reader on a journey into the simplicity of a man s heart who is unable to comprehend the undertones of normal activities of people At the same time, the description of an Indian town, Malgudi where all of Narayan s stories are based again

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    The book is about a simple minded, pleasant man, living with his wife, Sita and mother in a rather grand ancestral house called Kabir Street He loves day dreaming and talks a great deal to himself His life s ambition is to be a thesis on sage Narada Humble and affable, Nagaraj has no worries until his nephew Krishnaji, referred to as Tim comes to stay with him Narayan through a series of flashbacks gives a vivid pic

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    Graham Greene hit the nail on the head when he said that he could not think of many authors who could weave a yarn so convincingly and with such imaginative verve than Narayan Okay, I guess he did not say it but he might as well have This is a great book that harks back to my childhood when the innocence of the tale marries the creativity of the story in so many parts that the product leaves you yearning forIt is a perfect la

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    Its funny to read this book because story character name is same as myself Also, his thoughts are similar to mine He wants to write a book about Sage Narada, I want to learn Sanskrit I read RK Narayan book in my school days I picked up this one again and enjoyed the book Very good writer and also improve our vocabulary by using excellent words.

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