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The Women in Cages: Collected Stories What a gem. With His Debut Collection Of Short Stories In English, Fair Tree Of The Void , Vilas Sarang Established Himself As A Writer Of Great Gifts, And One With A Unique Sensibility And Literary Vision His Works Since In Marathi And English Have Confirmed His Reputation As One Of India S Finest And Most Daring Contemporary Writers The Women In Cages Brings Together All His Short Stories Written In English, Both Previously Published And New, Brilliantly Highlighting His Singular Imagination And Style From The Desecration Of A Funeral Pyre By The Simple Act Of Warming One S Hands On The Blaze To The Transformation Of A Man Into A Gigantic Phallus Enticing Crowds Of Devoted As A Live Symbol Of Lord Shiva From The Prostitute Who Uses The Occult To Generate Numerous Vaginas All Over Her Body To A Military General Who Abolishes An Entire Season For Fear Of Revolution, Sarang Presents Startling Thematic Variety , Always Suggestive Of Strange And Haunting Alternative Universes That Transcend Time And Space Gritty And Disturbing, And Leavened By Wit And Compassion, The Women In Cages Is A Masterful Attempt At Capturing The Myraid Nuances Of Modern LifeSarang Is An Original He Writes Clearly And Beautifully About Often Bizarre Events In A Precisely Realized World Anthony Thwaite, Poet And Former Editor Of Encounter Brilliantly bizarre I savoured every one even the ones that didn t quite land. It s a good book very good stories But some stories are abusred I did nt understand But writing techniq is interesting. An excellent collection of short stories that range from the bizarre to the mundane, this is a must read for anyone who is a fan of this kind of prose Insightful, pertinent and brilliant. This book was a random pick from the library.Honestly speaking I was attracted to the cover image and title of the book But I m glad that I chose it or rather the book chose me This is a collection of short stories in five sections Almost all the stories revolves around Mumbai It is not something you get to read frequently The stories are bizarre, but interesting and haunting at the same time. Kafka influenced stories no surprise since the author did his thesis under Prof Breon Mitchell, who has done a most remarkable translation possibly the best till date of The Trial The stories are rooted in the urban metropolis of India, but that s where the similarity ends with other Indian writers writing in English These stories take weird shapes , forms, revel in absurdism and abstract metaphors , punctuated by black, dry humour The best ones are going to linger for a long time.

About the Author: Vilas Sarang

One of the most significant modernist writer in Marathi writer and English, Vilas Sarang has written remarkable short stories, poems, a novel and also brilliant pieces of criticism in his first language Marathi as well as in English His Marathi short story collections are Soledad 1975 and Atank 1999 and translations of his stories in English are collected in A Fair Tree of the Void 1990 andrecently The Women in the Cages 2006 A selection of his short stories also appeared in French translation in 1988 His English novel The Dinosaur Ship 2005 and his Marathi novel is Enkichya Rajyat His Marathi collection of poems is published under the title Kavita 1969 1984 and his collection of English poems is published as A Kind of Silence 1978 and recently he has brought out Another Life He has also written significant criticism in Marathi Sisyphus ani Bolakka and Aksharanchya Shrama Kela 2000.He has also published The Stylistics of Literary Translation 1988 and edited the anthology Indian English Poetry Since 1950 1989 He has also edited reputed literary journals like the Bombay Review and The Post Post Review.He holds a Ph D in English from Bombay University and another in comparative literature from Indiana University He taught at the University of Basra in Iraq during the 1970s, became Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English at Bombay University in the eighties, and he has also taught at Kuwait University He lives in MumbaiThe quest for primitive source of human existence is an important feature of his writings His short stories are often surreal and have often been compared to Kafka For instance, in one of his stories collected in The Women in Cages, the narrator finds himself transformed into a gigantic phallus In anotherwell known story, a person named Chako is marooned on an island where women have either upper half of their bodies or the lower half Sarang is awovedly anti representational modernist in his aesthetics and provides a refreshing alternative to over hyped diaspora and exiled non resident Indian English writers like Salman Rushdie, VS Naipaul and Kiran Desai.

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