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The Wifes Tale The Wifes Tale Ebook Author Aida Edemariam Terrapin Info.co.uk In This Indelible Memoir That Recalls The Life Of Her Remarkable Ninety Five Year Old Grandmother, Guardian Journalist Aida Edemariam Tells The Story Of Modern Ethiopia A Nation That Would Undergo A Tumultuous Transformation From Feudalism To Monarchy To Marxist Revolution To Democracy, Over The Course Of One Century.Born In The Northern Ethiopian City Of Gondar In About 1916, Yetemegnu Was Married And Had Given Birth Before She Turned Fifteen As The Daughter Of A Socially Prominent Man, She Also Offered Her Husband, A Poor Yet Gifted Student, The Opportunity To Become An Important Religious Leader.Over The Next Decades Yetemegnu Would Endure Extraordinary Trials The Death Of Some Of Her Children Her Husband S Imprisonment And The Detention Of One Of Her Sons She Witnessed The Fascist Invasion Of Ethiopia And The Subsequent Resistance, Suffered Allied Bombardment And Exile From Her City Lived Through A Bloody Revolution And The Nationalization Of Her Land She Gained Audiences With Emperor Haile Selassie I To Argue For Justice For Her Husband, For Revenge, And For Her Children S Security, And Fought Court Battles To Defend Her Assets Against Powerful Men But Sustained, In Part, By Her Fierce Belief In The Virgin Mary And In Orthodox Christianity, Yetemegnu Survived She Even Learned To Read, In Her Sixties, And Eventually Made A Pilgrimage To Jerusalem.Told In Yetemegnu S Enthralling Voice And Filled With A Vivid Cast Of Characters Emperors And Empresses, Priests And Scholars, Monks And Nuns, Archbishops And Slaves, Marxist Revolutionaries And Wartime Double Agents The Wife S Tale Introduces A Woman Both Imperious And Vulnerable A Mother, Widow, And Businesswoman Whose Deep Faith And Numerous Travails Never Quashed Her Love Of Laughter, Mischief And Dancing A Fighter Whose Life Was Shaped By Direct Contact With The Volatile Events That Transformed Her Nation.An Intimate Memoir That Offers A Panoramic View Of Ethiopia S Recent History, The Wife S Tale Takes Us Deep Into The Landscape, Rituals, Social Classes, And Culture Of This Ancient, Often Mischaracterized, Richly Complex, And Unforgettable Land And Into The Heart Of One Indomitable Woman.

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    Seeof my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsDespite it now being well over thirty years since the infamous Michael Buerk report that showed Ethiopia s terrible famine to the world, those are still the only images that flash into my mind whenever the country is mentioned There is so muchto Ethiopian culture and history though and I now have a wider appreciation

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    A complicated personal history of Ethiopian Y t megn M konnen one hundred years of life retold by her granddaughter Aida Edemariam Y temegn is born in Ethiopia in the early 1900s to reasonably well off parents and married off at the ripe old age of eight to a man almost in his thirties, an ambitious priest named Ts ga Teshale Y t megn will have 10 children by him an

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    I love historical stories and even better when a true one I was intrigued by the description of this biography of the history of Ethiopian Y t megn M konnenas told by her granddaughter Aida Edemariam Y temegn is born in the early 1900s into a respected family However, she is married off before she is 10 to an older man a priest This is Y t megn s story taking us from

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways and have chosen to give my honest opinion about it.While definitely a touching story it almost seems like an overdone and cliched one While I do recognize that this was the recounting of a true story, it seems as if it could have been better written the writing style was confusing for instance, it was hard to d

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    ARC from publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed The Wife s Tale was an okay read but nothing particularly brilliant.It s one of those books that is hard to criticise or praise I thought it would be a good read Judging by the blurb it sounds like a gripping, tear jerker In reality, not so much I felt the book just doesn t live up to it s potential I found it v

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    Received a copy of A Wife s Tale by Aida Edemariam through the GoodReads giveaway program in exchange for an honest review A Wife s Tale by Aida Edemariam tells a story of an unyielding woman named Y t megnu during a troubling time in Ethiopia as a country and a city of Gondar that is dead set in their ways when it comes to tradition and rituals but also must deal with

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    Initially this book reminded me so much of Tolkien s Silmarillion a fabulous land with so much history, excerpts from ancient religious scrolls, weird rituals, poetry, feasting, bible like prose It was all just so alien to me not just another time, but another place another world This was not helped by the main action taking place in a province called Gondar c.f Tolkien

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    I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book from HarperCollins This memoir tells the life story of the author s grandmother, Yetemegnu, who was born in Gondar, Ethiopia in 1916 and was married at the age of nine to a man many years her senior Yetemegnu endured numerous trials including becoming a mother at the age of 14, the death of several of her children, her hus

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    A soldi 3.5 read for me The prose is so rich and gorgeous in the book, I felt myself captivated by Edemariam s description of her grandmother s journey through hard times in Ethiopia Perhaps because I am unfamiliar with Ethiopian history, I felt myself confused at some points and not entirely sure what was happening at that period in time Other commenters I ve read find th

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    I thought the book told an interesting story and one that probably happened to many women around the world However at times I found the book a bit hard to follow, but thanks to the timeline and glossary at the back it made the book easier to read and follow My only criticism it that I found the balance of political and personal stories to be a bit off If it had focused eith

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