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The Webster Grove Series (Webster Grove, #1-5) Ebook The Webster Grove Series Webster Grove, 1 5 Author Tracie Puckett Nature Explore.eu A Complete Compilation Of The Webster Grove Novellas The New Girl, Under The Mistletoe, Secrets To Keep, Coming Out, And All Good Things.Seventeen Year Old Steph Has Her Heart Set On A New Beginning For The Eleventh Time A Move To Webster Grove Introduces Her To A New School, New Friends, And New Experiences Including A Few Tender Glances From Her Sexy English Teacher As If It S Not Bad Enough That She S Crushing On The Most Forbidden Guy In School, Steph Soon Suspects That Maybe Her Teacher Has Developed Some Feelings Of His Own And When She Learns That Mr Rivera Is Only A Few Months Away From Becoming Family His Brother Is Marrying Her Mom She Must Do Whatever She Can To Fight Everyone S Growing Suspicions About The Time They Re Spending Together When Odd Family Circumstances Only Push Her Closer To The Man She S Dreaming Of, Steph Has No Choice But To Hold It Together Or Risk Losing It All.

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    The ladies call me Nathaniel The ladies call you revolting she spat at him Screw handsome Screw good looking Alexander Rivera was, hands down, the sexiest man I d ever met in my life REVIEW Humor, romance and a sexy English teacherthis book series has it all I don t just re

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    First, I apologize in advance for the author due to the harsh words in this review..I genuinely think that this book is an ideal gift for people you loath and you want to see them suffer such intense mental agony..I can t believe I ve been excited to have it hits head on the

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    5 fantastic stars for the Webster Grove series I stumbled upon this relatively unknown collection of 5 short stories which combine into an amazing story of love between teacher and student The collection of stories written by author Tracie Puckett can be purchased and read to

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    This was an excellent series Although the idea of an attraction occurring between a teacher and student with a nine year age difference was slightly disturbing at first, the author did an outstanding job at making this seem acceptable There were unexpected twists and turns tha

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    Since I got this book for free, I wasn t expecting something amazing Just something cute and funny I got all that andThis series is one of the best I ve ever read The series was quite short, but nothing seemed ru...

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    This series is funny, romantic, and well written I think the books were too short, and they could have been compiled into one large book, but I really enjoyed reading this series It might not be very realistic, but it catches your interest, and you can t put it down.

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    The Webster Grove series was a freebie I picked up on .co.uk and I loved this series of Mini novels I read it all in one sitting that kept me up till 5.55am Tracie Puckett did a really great job writing this series I look forward to readingby her.

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    Not too bad for a self published book, mainly bc this author seems to know how to hook a reader.Normally I HATE self published books except Tarryn fishers books of course and normally wouldn t rate one so high.So my question is y didn t she just try harder to get her books publish

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    I really enjoyed the whole series THUMBS UP

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    Nice easy read with a great storyline.

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