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There Are Redwoods In California That Were Ancient By The Time Columbus First Landed, And Pines Still Alive That Germinated Around The Time Humans Invented Writing There Are Douglas Firs As Tall As Skyscrapers, And A Banyan Tree In Calcutta As Big As A Football FieldFrom The Tallest To The Smallest, Trees Inspire Wonder In All Of Us, And In The Tree, Colin Tudge Travels Around The World Throughout The United States, The Costa Rican Rain Forest, Panama And Brazil, India, New Zealand, China, And Most Of Europe Bringing To Life Stories And Facts About The Trees Around Us How They Grow Old, How They Eat And Reproduce, How They Talk To One Another And They Do , And Why They Came To Exist In The First Place He Considers The Pitfalls Of Being Tall The Things That Trees Produce, From Nuts And Rubber To Wood And Even The Complicated Debt That We As Humans Owe ThemTudge Takes Us To The In Flood, When The Water Is Deep Enough To Submerge The Forest Entirely And Fish Feed On Fruit While River Dolphins Race Through The Canopy He Explains The Memory Of A Tree How Those That Have Been Shaken By Wind Grow Thicker And Sturdier, While Those Attacked By Pests Grow Smaller Leaves The Following Year And Reveals How It Is That The Same Trees Found In The United States Are Also Native To China But Not EuropeFrom Tiny Saplings To Centuries Old Redwoods And Desert Palms, From The Backyards Of The American Heartland To The Rain Forests Of The And The Bamboo Forests, Colin Tudge Takes The Reader On A Journey Through History And Illuminates Our Ever Present But Often Ignored Companions A Blend Of History, Science, Philosophy, And Environmentalism, The Tree Is An Engaging And Elegant Look At The Life Of The Tree And What Modern Research Tells Us About Their Future The Tree: A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live & Why They Matter

About the Author: Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge was educated at Dulwich College, 1954 61 and read zoology at Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1962 65 Since 1965 he has worked on journals such as World Medicine, New Scientist and Pan, the newspaper of the World Food Conference held in Rome, 1974.Ever since then he has earned a living by spasmodic broadcasting and a lot of writing mainly books these days, but with occasional articles He has a special interest in natural history in general, evolution and genetics, food and agriculture, and spends a great deal of time on philosophy especially moral philosophy, the philosophy of science, and the relationship between science and religion He has two daughters, one son, and four granddaughters, and lives in Oxford with his wife, Ruth nee West.

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    The first 100 pages contain everything you ve ever wanted to know about trees The next 200 pages contain everything you ve never wanted to know about trees The final 100 pages are a pretty informative look at how humans use trees and the role

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    My original The Tree A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live Why They Matter audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Tree A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live, and Why They Matter by Colin

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    My current writing obsession is trees, which, of course, requires that I read about trees I found Colin Tudge s compendium to be comprehensive utterly fascinating I admit to nodding off a bit while reading thetechnical chapters in which he surveys t

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    It s not as good as the cover made it out to be, and it s certainly not a natural history classic, but it s a fun, well written overview Part of the problem, I think, is that the task that Tudge set out for himself in surveying all the world s trees is

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    This is an amazing book ruined by its goofball author.Tudge clearly knows a lot about trees I very much appreciate his writing this book, because I feel like I understand trees a lot better having read it I learned that many species of plant have independ

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    Colin Tudge attracted my attention for having written several books about diverse subjects I am fascinated by, not the least of which is trees In The Tree, Tudge lives up to that promise, proving himself a very likable man who thinks about the world in many

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    Who doesn t like trees Despite that popularity, it is easy to have a rather lopsided understanding of why they matter Global warming is constantly in the news, so it is commonly known that trees sequester carbon, and so have a beneficial cooling effect on the e

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    Hmmmmmm. I have mixed feelings about this book There is a lot of information about Trees and the writing style isn t bad, but the middle section is rather tedious The book has a few black and white sketches illustrations of trees My edition of the book ISBN 978030

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    If you love trees, this book is a must read, for it will astound you This fascinating book uses trees to illuminate evolution and the ways the life works in the world, so in the end, you learn a lotthan just about trees.Colin Tudge also teaches us about the incredibl

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    Most of this book was a stamp collector s approach to natural history the book equivalent of a tiny old museum whose glass cased curios are carefully labeled with their Latin binomials but otherwise provided with little context and even less narrative Except instead of

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