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The Thin Red Line I saw the 1998 movie version of this book in theaters when it came out I remember that I was completely mesmerized and transported by it It was a movie about war unlike any I d ever seen before it was mostly quiet and internal Walking out of the theater, I found out I was pretty much alone in my enjoyment of it people all around me said it was slow, boring, pointless I mention this because I think the movie version prepared me for the book, which is probably just as divisive.The story floats among a wide cast of characters as they arrive on Guadalcanal A special note at the beginning of the book points out that the terrain and battles contained in the book are fictitious, but that Jones placed the imaginary battles on Guadalcanal because of the emotion the island evoked You meet Pfc Doll, Cpl Fife, Sgt Welsh just about everyone has a simple, one syllable name which is also a word Band, Queen, Tall, Bell, Dale, Witt, Field, Cash, Beck At the beginning, they re green recruits who miss the relative comforts of army life in a non combat zone and one where it s not constantly raining , apprehensive about what lies ahead Shortly, as they re thrust into the thick of fighting, they become battle tested veterans How they react to their experiences is varied, and we are privy to each man s thoughts, reactions and self assessments The inability to ever really know what s going on in someone else s head is a theme visited frequently BOOKS The Thin Red Line James Jones Bandcamptomp3.co.uk They Are The Men Of C For Charlie Company Mad 1st Sgt Eddie Welsh, Pvt 1st Class Don Doll, Pvt John Bell, Capt James Stein, Cpl Fife, And Dozens Just Like Them Infantrymen Who Are About To Land, Grim And White Faced, On An Atoll In The Pacific Called Guadalcanal This Is Their Story, A Shatteringly Realistic Walk Into Hell And Back In The Days Ahead, Some Will Earn Medals, Others Will Do Anything They Can Dream Up To Get Evacuated Before They Land In A Muddy Grave But They Will All Discover The Thin Red Line That Divides The Sane From The Mad And The Living From The Dead In This Unforgettable Portrait That Captures For All Time The Total Experience Of Men At War Foreword By Francine Prose Brutal, Direct, And Powerful The Men Are Real, The Words Are Real, Death Is Real, Imminent And ImmediateLos Angeles TimesA Rare And Splendid Accomplishment Strong And Ambitious, Spacious, And As Honest As Any Novel Ever WrittenNewsweekA Major Novel Of Combat In World War II Reminiscent Of Stephen Crane InThe Red Badge Of Courage The Christian Science Monitor The Thin Red Line Moves So Intensely And Inexorably That It Almost Seems Like The War It Is DescribingThe New York Times Book Review I really love James Jones s books As a former military man, he brings the story of war in such vivid color that you don t get from any thousand blockbusters Think Saving Private Ryan Then toss that into a bin Completely not like that There s melancholy, there s sadness, there s mad happiness in what s essentially total despair and chaos.Don t expect a happy ending, only a bitter sweet one Don t expect miracles, because there won t be any, only a bunch of human stories coming together loosely, only because they happened to be there at the same time, and sought meaning to their participation in madness, to try to justify the pain, the loss, and the lack of logic Don t expect heroes or extraordinary people, because they are all just ordinary folks who got pulled into war.One of them wrote a book.We don t know who JJ was, but I surely know who his favorite is If you re read From Here to Eternity, you will see some common characters come and go Part reality, part memory, part artistic embellishment, but they must have existed somewhere sometime, and they found themselves in another war story, because you can t have a war story without them.I think this I had the same reaction to this as I did to From Here to Eternity, which is to say that the beginning was so irritating that it almost made me put it down, but I ended up glad that I didn t I haven t read too many other books that were written around this time, but the prose style in this seems lackluster Yeah, there are some poetic bits, but there are also bits that seem really lazy In the first handful of pages, for example, Jones uses the words unpleasant and supercilious to describe Doll at least four times each I normally wouldn t advocate using a thesaurus to help you write, because if you re having trouble thinking of synonyms, you ve probably got bigger problems But Jones definitely could have made use of one From Here To Eternity s full of similar things what I remember most of all was the construction he ed ly over and over again, page after page But both books characters grow on you via sheer force of repetition The Thin Red Line is much shorter, but it s still over 500 pages, and though there are tons of characters, almost all of them get enough page space to make a lasting impression.And Jones clearly has a good sense of what motivates or demoralizes soldiers, and communicates it well In particular, I found the interactions between enlist War is hell I first came across James Jones novel with the Terrence Malick film released in 1998 In that year there were two amazing popular war films released, the other was Spielberg s Saving Private Ryan I liked them both However the Terrence Malick film was the philosophical and held a deeper meaning than that of Spielberg, but both are different films, different theaters of war and different messages It has taken me twenty years since then to finally read James Jones novel The book comes in at just over 500 pages long, with chapters amounting to sometimes near 100 pages with no break inbetween So sometimes it became a grind, but not an unpleasant one because I found that I became attached towards certain characters, of which there are so many that it does become confusing to work out and remember casualties, being transferred elsewhere and so on There is a roster at the beginning which helps understanding who is who in C for Charlie Company, that the book is concerned with Guadalcanal August 1942 The start of the fightback against the Japanese in the South Pacific, centering on The Solomon Islands, the first invasion of a Japanese held location after their initial success in late 1941 As stated, the book focus is centered around a specific Company C for Charlie who are reinforcements for the Consid r comme un grand classique de litt rature aux U, La Ligne Rouge est le deuxi me volume d une trilogie que James Jones crit sur le role des am ricaines dans la guerre du Pacifique Ce roman autobiographique d crit les exp riences de l auteur dans la bataille de Guadalcanal 7 ao t 1942 9 f vrier 1943 laquelle il a particip comme caporal d infanterie C est un excellent roman pour tous ceux qui d sirent mieux comprendre la culture et la soci t am ricaine Comme la grande majorit des romans de guerre chez les am ricains, on d crit les v nements du point de vue des simples soldats et des sous officiers Les officiers ne font que des rares apparences Une raison pour cette tendance est qu il y a beaucoup plus de simples soldats et sous officiers am ricaine qui veulent devenir crivains La deuxi me raison est que les maisons d ditions am ricaines sont conscie See my review on From here To Eternity I thought that this would be a let down after that wonderful book but had no issues at all Fine book indeed Now to try and force my self to read the final book of the trio. If I saw this in a bookshop, the likelihood is I d walk straight past it without a second glance I have little to no prior experience with war writing I m not sure whether to count The Book Thief something like this isn t the kind of thing I d normally read, but I m so glad I did I won t go into too much detail about the plot no spoilers , but the basic premise of the novel is that it follows a group of US troops, C for Charlie Company , and depicts their experiences during the Guadalcanal campaign in World War Two The book goes to some pretty dark places at times it can be very violent and unsettling, and there s a lot of profanity and sexual references If this doesn t bother you, then I would definitely recommend it Things I liked How realistic everything was. Jones evidently knew what he was writing about he makes a military campaign that might otherwise have been boring translate perfectly onto the page The narrative is constantly moving, even in the quieter moments when the action finishes with one character, a seamless transition in This is one of the greatest books on how World War II was fought in the Pacific it is also unparalleled in its exploration of the nature of war, especially on how it affects the psyches of those bound up in it It s the second of Jones trilogy on the Second World War All of the venues of the three novels were derived from his experiences Pre war Schofield Barracks in Oahu, the 1942 43 battles of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse on Guadalcanal, and in military hospitals The books are not autobiographical, but are deeply personal Jones served with the 27th Regiment of the 25th Division, which he transposed into his books Another novel outside the trilogy, Some Come Running has its roots in Jones experiences in returning to his hometown after the war.There is a rather large cast of characters in this book, almost all members of C for Charley Company of 1st Battalion, 27th Inf Reg., 25th Infantry Division Jones takes them across the Pacific in a troop ship and lands them on the beach at Guadalcanal The island had already been attacked by the U.S Marines, and C Company was among the forces reinforcing the original assault waves They all experience the shock of being moved into completely unfamiliar and hostile surroundings Jones bored into their thoughts and fears, and produced a work which debunked the traditional hero war novel The soldiers of this Company find out that they are in a world in which everyone is pow This book provides a graphic account of war and how it alters men.I found this a tough read, it was 500 odd pages of dense emotional writing with a slow start, but after the first chapter I was hooked by t

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