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The Shape of the Ruins A Sweeping Tale Of Conspiracy Theories, Assassinations, And Twisted Obsessions The Much Anticipated Masterpiece From Juan Gabriel Vasquez The Shape Of The Ruins Is A Masterly Story Of Conspiracy, Political Obsession, And Literary Investigation When A Man Is Arrested At A Museum For Attempting To Steal The Bullet Ridden Suit Of A Murdered Colombian Politician, Few Notice But Soon This Thwarted Theft Takes On Greater Meaning As It Becomes A Thread In A Widening Web Of Popular Fixations With Conspiracy Theories, Assassinations, And Historical Secrets And It Haunts Those Who Feel That Only They Know The Real Truth Behind These Killings.This Novel Explores The Darkest Moments Of A Country S Past And Brings To Life The Ways In Which Past Violence Shapes Our Present Lives A Compulsive Read, Beautiful And Profound, Eerily Relevant To Our Times And Deeply Personal, The Shape Of The Ruins Is A Tour De Force Story By A Master At Uncovering The Incisive Wounds Of Our Memories.

About the Author: Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Estudi Derecho en su ciudad natal, en la Universidad del Rosario, y despu s de graduarse, parti a Francia, donde se instal en Par s 1996 99 All , en La Sorbona se doctor en Literatura Latinoamericana Luego se mud a un peque o pueblo de la regi n de Ardenas, en B lgica Despu s de un a o de vivir all , V squez se instal en Barcelona Actualmente vive cerca a su ciudad natal en Colombia.V

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    Delighted to see this now on the MBI 2019 long list there are truths that don t happen in those places, truths that nobody writes down because they re invisible There are millions of things that happen in special places they are places that are not within the reach of historians or jour

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    I m sorry to spoil your theories, but someone had to tell you one day that Santa Claus was your parents.The Shape of Ruins translated wonderfully as ever by Anne McLean from Juan Gabriel V squez s La forma de las ruinas is based around two pivotal assassinations in 20th Century Colombian pol

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    Jorge Elei cer Gait n 1903 1948 Juan Gabriel V squez nasceu em 1973 em Bogot , Col mbia na Nota do Autor no final de A Forma das Ru nas 2015 informa A Forma das Ru nas uma obra de fic o As personagens, os incidentes, os documentos e os epis dios da realidade, presente ou passada, s o aqui usados de fo

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    4.5REVIEW IN ENGLISH NO SPOILERS I need to read colombian authors, because my comfort zone is not the literature of my country Thanks to a book swap, this book came into my hands And it was a very good decision.Juan Gabriel V squez 1973 is a lawyer, columnist, writer and translator from Bogot who emigrated very young to Euro

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    Or are you going to tell me that known history is the only version of things No, please, don t be so naive What you call history is no than the winning story, Vasquez Someone made that story and not others win, and that s why we believe it today Or rather we believe it because it got written down, because it wasn t lost in the e

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    I discovered the existence of this book in a review by the Guardian I had no prior knowledge of the author or of Colombian history but the review was so well written and the book synopsis so intriguing I added it to my ever growing to read list The Shape of the Ruins focuses on two keys events in Colombian history the 1914 murder of General Ra

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    I read this book due to its inclusion on the 2019 Man Booker International Shortlist a list I have found distinctly underwhelming particularly when its seems a common view from those who follow translated fiction prizes closely, that the shortlist this year was much the best pick of a weaker longlist.Paul has already written an extremely comprehensive

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