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The Secret of Gods Son (Pradyumna: Son of Krishna #2) The Seas Will Devour The Glorious City Of Dwaraka People Will Forget Your Name And Your Gita May The World Perish May The World Perish With This Cruel Curse On Krishna, Queen Gandhari Plunges Mankind Into The Unspeakable Evil Of The Kali Yuga.It Is Up To Pradyumna To Try And Reverse The Dire Prediction To Journey Into Terrifying Realms, Confront Yama And Shiva, And To Vanquish The Kali Demon And To Do So, He Must Shed All That Holds A Mortal Back His Arrogance, His Fears, His Baser Instincts He Must Lead His People Out Of The Swirling Vortex Of Greed, Disease And Misery.And There Is One Powerful Weapon Still The Secret Surrounding His Origin Will He Uncover It In Time To Fight Off The Cataclysm In The Answer Lies The Destiny Of All Humanity God s son One might wonder who Till date all have heard and read about the great Mahabharata war and its aftermath But no one has written about what happened to Krishna and his clan after the war What happened to Gandhari s curse on mankind People have read scriptures novels and serials are made which depict till the end of war and on Pandavas but what happened to Krishna and his family and to his glorious city Dwaraka Did Gandhari s curse bring evil end to mankind The Secret of God s Son is a Sequel of Pradyumna Son of Krishna which even though I have not read but I didn t feel anything amiss After the great war of Mahabharata, while all Pandavas and people of Hastinapur were trying to get back to normalcy, Krishna and his family were reeling under fear of Gandhari s cruel curse Krishna, the Dark Lord, the Saviour was cursed Not only his life but the existence of whole mankind was in danger In this time of crisis it was up to Kris I had read Usha Narayanan s first book in the series called, Pradyumna, Son of Krishna and had been mighty impressed by the same.So, I sat down to read The Secret of God s Son with great enthusiasm and I must say I wasn t disappointed The writing flows comfortably in the author s perfect language that s absolutely suitable for the genre she s written This i I am generally a bit weary of sequels, especially if the first book was a smashing hit, because they often fail to live up to their expectations The Secret of God s Son is the sequel to Pradyumna Son of Krishna , and I have to say it definitely does live up to my expectations.The center around which everything else revolves is Pradyumna, son of Krishna Once again, upon this hero s shoulders lies the heavy burden of having to rescue the world The prologue sets the scene, and it was one of my favourite chapters It made the darkness and despair come to life, and it gave me some background knowledge as I don t know much about what happened after the Mahabharata conflicts.Although the story is once again loaded with action, violence, drama, emotions and quests, I thoroughly enjoyed the subtext too Pradyumna asks intriguing questions that allow the author to spice up the tale with some philosophy and religion, some moral and criticism When he asks Krishna who represents dharma , we can take away lessons from that We also get to look into different people s heads and hearts, to experience grief and rage, confusion and desire through them Throughout it all, Pradyumna stands tall despite the outer and inner battles he s waging As does Maya, his true love The author shines a light on the role of women and goddesses, wives and mothers, The cover of the book is beautiful and once I started reading the book, I got transported back to the days of the Mahabharata The writing and descriptions are such that it was very easy for me to picturise the entire scene and the set up Most of the scenes are set in the battlefield, with vivid descriptions One example, Their maces descended like lightening and clanged like thunder in a contest of will and skill.I read the interaction between Shiva and Pradyumna five times, it was so well written While reading the interaction between Pradyumna and Yama, I was waiting with baited breath, as to who would win The peace time conversations between various members of Krishna s family show the love that they have for each other The way the family tries to protect Vajra, Pradyumna s nephew has been described well Maya s support to her husband and his family has been beautifully documented.The language is simple and the book is well paced The extensive research done is reflected in the way the story flows and it was very difficult for me to separate the fact from the fiction Hats off to the author for thinking on a different plane because for most of us, the Kurukshetra war ended at the battlefield.The characters have been created in such a way that when I was reading about them, the seemed lifelike to me and the pictures of Amar Chitra Kathas that we read as kids came to life The scene when Pradyumna and members of the Pan

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