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The River Wall In The Valley Of The Mists, Rikardon And Tarani Have Discovered An Ancient Truth That Will Alter The Destiny Of Gandalara Forever But, An Evil Lord Has Enslaved The Land Through The Mystic Force Of The Sacred Stoned Called The Ra Ira Outlawed And Hunted, Rikardon And Tarani Stage A Daring And Desperate Raid To Shatter His Death Grip Of Fear In This Stunning Epic, This Sweeping Saga Of Grandalara Reaches Its Unexpected, Awe Inspiring Conclusion As The Secret Of This Strange Desert World Is Revealed At Last

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    Perhaps one of the most poignant dedications I ve ever seen in a book is the simply stated For Randall I hope I have done well that comes right before we launch into the seventh and last book of this series.For people who enjoy context, a little background The entire series was conceived by SF writer Randall Garrett and his wife Vicki Ann Heydron They had an outline and I m g

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    This seventh book finally wraps up everything, mysteries are revealed, the earth moves, the real Ra ira is found, the last known baddies are defeated, and there s at least a chance that all will live happily ever after.It s aexciting book than its predecessors Up to now we ve been stepping through the long and complicated plot, not slowly but at a measured pace, and now things re

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here While I enjoyed the wrap up of the series a cracking good adventure overall I find this somewhat lacking in a number of ways, largely because the story dragged out for the last three books and then everything necessary was CRAMMED into this one There were at least four major climaxes shoved into this book

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    Nice wrap up book to end the series all the story lines get resolved in a nice way and not in a predictable manner Above average SiFi Fantasy read Very recommended

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    The conclusion to the Gandalara Cycle, written mostly by Randall Garrett s wife This book does very well in wrapping this series up Sad to end it, but happy that a long term solution was implemented, thus changing the evolution and history of the human race So a satifsfying conlusion.

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    Great ending that I didn t immediately see A worthy finale Gandalara Cycle 4, very creative Great ending that I didn t immediately see A worthy finale Gandalara Cycle 4, 6 were definitely the weakest of the series so I was pleased the last book improved The set is still worth the read very creative

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    Amazing Series This is one of the best series I ve ever read Even after having read it several times I still find something new each time I read it.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Reread in May 2013 The last book may be my favorite of the series The surprise time travel element of the plot still seems questionable to me, but it s a pretty awesome concept.

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    The exciting end to the Gandalara Cycle Truths are uncovered, people we think we know turn out to not be what they seem, and disaster is somehow averted Check it out.

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    Conclusion of the series, where many mysteries are revealed Great book, still a favorite.

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About the Author: Randall Garrett

Randall Garrett s full name was Gordon Randall Phillip David Garrett Forinformation about him see was married to Vicki Ann HeydronHis pseudonyms include Gordon Randall Garrett, Gordon Aghill, Grandal Barretton, Alexander Blade, Ralph Burke, Gordon Garrett, David Gordon, Richard Greer, Ivar Jorgenson, Darrel T Langart, Blake MacKenzie, Jonathan Blake MacKenzie, Seaton Mckettrig, Clyde T Mitchell, Mark Phillips with Laurence Janifer , Robert Randall, Leonard G Spencer, S.M Tenneshaw, Gerald Vance.