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The Reckless Oath We Made A Provocative Love Story Between A Tough Kansas Woman On A Crooked Path To Redemption And The Unlikeliest Of Champions, From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of All The Ugly And Wonderful Things Zee Is Nobody S Fairy Tale Princess Almost Six Foot, With A Redhead S Temper And A Shattered Hip, She Has A Long List Of Worries Never Ending Bills, Her Beautiful, Gullible Sister, Her Five Year Old Nephew, Her Housebound Mother, And Her Drug Dealing BossZee May Not Be A Princess, But Gentry Is An Actual Knight, Complete With Sword, Armor, And A Code Of Honor Two Years Ago The Voices He Hears Called Him To Be Zee S Champion Both Shy And Autistic, He S Barely Spoken To Her Since, But He Has Kept Watch, Ready To Come To Her Aid When An Abduction Tears Zee S Family Apart, She Turns To The Last Person She Ever Imagined Gentry And Sets In Motion A Chain Of Events That Will Not Only Change Both Of Their Lives, But Bind Them To One Another Forever

About the Author: Bryn Greenwood

BRYN GREENWOOD is a fourth generation Kansan and the daughter of a mostly reformed drug dealer She is the author of the NYT bestseller All the Ugly and Wonderful Things Her fourth novel, The Reckless Oath We Made is coming from Putnam in 2019 She lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

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    My lady If thou wilt allow me to help thee, he said When I didn t answer, he got down on one knee, like he meant to propose to me Tis my honor to carry thee whither thou desirest It has taken me so long to organise my thoughts on this book You know when you re just so sure you re going to love a book When you start reading and it doesn t immed

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    i gave this one four stars because i didn t like it quite as much as All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, but that s a pretty hard book to top my 1 5 ratings are starbitrary, but my words are all encouraging you to read this book this is literary fiction that has put one fist in the romance barrel and one fist in the crime fiction barrel, grabbed the most i

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    After reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things I knew when I heard that Bryn Greenwood was about to release another book my face started doing this right here I loved that book Hard But now I m having a hard time choosing a favorite between that book and this one.I have a problem though I can rant for hours when I hate a bookbut when I love it I turn into a big old hot

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    All the Ugly and Wonderful Things was an amazing book While I forget most books just weeks after I read them, that one really stuck with me So I was thrilled to get an early look at Brynwood s latest work.Brynwood doesn t pick easy topics or easy characters Among other jobs, Zee is a drug mule As the story opens, she s bringing two suitcases of weed to her drug dealing boss She s

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    DNF at 40%No, no, no I can t take another sentence of Middle English that I have to translate in my brain before I can continue the story This is a DNF for me at 40% Example My lady If thou wilt allow me to help thee, he said When I didn t answer, he got down on one knee, like he meant to propose to me Tis my honor to carry thee whither thou desirest and on and on an on.This is such a dis

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    Zhorzha Trego s life has never been easy not as long as she remembers, anyway Her father Marcus went to prison when she was just a child, and died there, leaving her mother to fill the holes in her heart with objects and food Her mother s grief affected both her and her older sister, LaReigne, who volunteers at the local prison, leaving her with the burden of financial support for the family on a

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    Find all of my reviews at StarsWaaaaaaaaay back in 2016 I scored a NetGalley ARC of a little book by an unknown author Basically, the mere mention of the word meth gets me all grabby hands To say All the Ugly and Wonderful Things blew my socks off is probably the understatement of the decade I barfed my feelings out all over the intertubes about the sleeper that would become one of my favorite stories of a

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    Putting on hold for a bit, I m loving the writing but I m in the mood for something lighter right now

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    I finished this late last night or rather, early this morning and THE RECKLESS OATH WE MADE is, without doubt, one of the best books I ve ever read A glorious epic with unforgettable characters who live outside the lines, it s about pain and poverty, mental illness and medieval chivalry, love and redemption Zee and Sir Gentry are mismatched in every way except for their sense of loyalty She s a wise ass, hot tempered, drug

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    I feel lucky Woohoo

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