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The Rage of Dragons Game Of Thrones Meets Gladiator In This Debut Epic Fantasy About A World Caught In An Eternal War, And The Young Man Who Will Become His People S Only Hope For Survival.The Omehi People Have Been Fighting An Unwinnable Fight For Almost Two Hundred Years Their Society Has Been Built Around War And Only War The Lucky Ones Are Born Gifted One In Every Two Thousand Women Has The Power To Call Down Dragons One In Every Hundred Men Is Able To Magically Transform Himself Into A Bigger, Stronger, Faster Killing Machine.Everyone Else Is Fodder, Destined To Fight And Die In The Endless War Young, Gift Less Tau Knows All This, But He Has A Plan Of Escape He S Going To Get Himself Injured, Get Out Early, And Settle Down To Marriage, Children, And Land Only, He Doesn T Get The Chance Those Closest To Him Are Brutally Murdered, And His Grief Swiftly Turns To Anger Fixated On Revenge, Tau Dedicates Himself To An Unthinkable Path He Ll Become The Greatest Swordsman To Ever Live, A Man Willing To Die A Hundred Thousand Times For The Chance To Kill The Three Who Betrayed Him.

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    4.5 5 stars The Rage of Dragons is a blazing African inspired epic fantasy debut that was so possessive of my attention, it simply wouldn t allow me to read anything else until I finished it.This book was originally self publishe

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    I think it s great, but then I wrote it, and my mother always said I should be proud of myself and the things I accomplish I m very proud of this Maybe too proud You be the judge Though, you re most likely to have a good time if you enjoy Robert

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    The Rage of Dragons is an African inspired revenge fantasy novel This is worthy of attention in and of itself, simply because fantasy is dominated by white male authors who write about white male characters Admittedly I enjoy reading such books, th

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    Minor spoilers may follow The inhabitants of Omehi who are known as the Chosen have been warring with the savage hedeni tribes for hundreds of years The hedeni may have superior numbers but the Chosen have the Gifted These are powerful female mages who can source po

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    Damn, this book was good ASIDE from the fact that its setting is so refreshingly unique, the pacing is extraordinary And by extraordinary I mean that once it gets rolling and it gets rolling almost right off the bat it never lets up Seriously, though NEVER Important scenes ar

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    As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek books start quite slowly, setting the scene, others, they start with a bang The Rage of Dragons is one such book, starting with a bloody sword thrust through the chest cavity, one that explodes out the back in a

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    The stultifying and dehumanising effects of a caste based society and the seductive but ultimately destructive nature of vengeance lie at the heart of Evan Winter s tale A feudal people known as the Omehi fight a never ending war against encroaching tribes to maintain their hold on a peninsular

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    This book was awesome intense, inventive and action packed from beginning to end It included a ton of things that I like in a story, and then executed that story really, really well Where the blurb mentions Game of Thrones, I d liken it to something like Red Rising, with its protagon

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    I am not sure who recommended The Rage of Dragons to me Whoever it was, THANK YOU The first 20% of the book is a snore fest At times, I was tempted to chuck the book away But then, the Zaknafein moment happened, and the book went full Hulk on me BOOK SMASH PUNY READER The remaining 80% is as action packed as it is

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    Personal rating 4.25

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