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The Prevalence Of Witches This Story Is Set In A Backward District Of India Where Witchcraft Thrives The Efforts Of The Political Agent And The Education Officer, Aided By A Phoney Occidential Swami , To Secure True Justice For A Village Headman On A Charge Of Murder Is The Basis For This Book

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    I came across this novel from 1949 by accident and I m glad I did It s a very biting, often very funny, satire of Western civilization vs theprimitive society of India, as told through the colorful British characters inhabiting the completely fictitious Indian province of Limbo The observations of the frequently indefensible superiority of the West over the East is astonishingly relevant to what on

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    Aubrey, where have you been all my life You are witty, intelligent and you write like a dream You re a cross between Aldous Huxley and P.G Wodehouse whatcould a girl want Loved this delightful romp where witches and tigers meet and handily overcome representatives of the British civil service and the American missionary force Such fun on to the next

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    I bought this book twenty years ago and it was about twenty five years old at the time I read a little of it and have always meant to return to it Aubrey Menen seems to me to have been very perceptive, daring and gently humorous.I wish he were better known in the United States.

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