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The Polymer Clay Techniques Book It worked just fine. Everyone Can Achieve Great Results With Polymer Clay With The 50 Techniques In This Book, Readers Can Create Polymer Clay Buttons Or Boxes Or Anything In Between Starting With The Very Basics Such As Rolling, Baking And Gluing , It Then Moves On To Advanced Methods Marbling, Texturing, Millefiori, Bead Making, Faux Stone Effects And Feature Spreads Show Exciting Ways To Combine Techniques A Comprehensive Guide To The Medium, Complete With Everything From A Listing Of Necessary Tools And Materials To Inspiring Examples Of Polymer Clay Art. Learn how to make sculptures, fruit, vegetables, jewelry, muchwith this book. I tried to understand on what stuff was inside the book It explained on how to use all the tools and how to make certain projects easier. Added it I have read this book it wasn t what I was looking for at the time But it had a lot of information that would help me if I didn t know about the tools. Good reference for the beginning sculptor A lot of this material can be found on the internet youtube and pinterest but this is a very handy guide to have on hand Even though I would die without my iPad, I m still a fan of paper vs tablet when it comes to references, It s got lots of pictures on good quality paper illustrating techniques and several pages of inspiration i.e stuff done by artists It s divided into these sections Equipment and Materials glues, powders, toolsGetting Star Good reference for the beginning s Lots of inspiration here, I love working with clay Squishing out all of my stress.

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