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The Planet Construction Kit A Companion Volume To The Language Construction Kit, This Book Explains Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Own World With Its Own Geology, Creatures, Cultures, Religions, Technology, And Styles Of War Plus How To Create Maps, Illustrations And 3 D Models An Essential Whether You Re Writing Science Fiction Or Fantasy, Designing RPGs, Creating Movies Or Video Games, Or Remodeling A Spare Asteroid.

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    This book follows the model of Rosenfelder s Language Construction Kit it s basically a worldbuilding reference guide meant to help writers, GMs, and other creators.I bought it mostly for the portion literally referred to in the title the physics of designing a planet with proper geological, meteorological and astronomical details The chapter on Astronomy and Geology is actually rather short It gives a lot of i

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    The worldbuilder has a lot on his or her plate From deciding whether the planet should be Earth like or something completely different, to creating continents with their own geology, climate, flora, and fauna, to peopling the world with new cultures of humans or something else , to inventing religions, histories, systems of governmentnot to mention things like magic, psychic abilities, advanced technology, and other devia

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    Short version this book will help you immensely with world building, particularly if you re into sci fi fantasy world building A lot of the stuff Rosenfelder talks about goes over my head I mean, seriously, I m a WRITER, not an astrophysicist , but I enjoyed the topics and insight 100% worth your while to check out.Longer version I 3 this book I ve found it to be ridiculously handy as a newbie when it comes to worldbuilding,

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    I cannot begin to stress how useful this book is for someone interested in worldbuilding It takes you into incredible depth into the process, step by step starting as early as designing the entire solar system your planet is in, and talking about how that would affect your world It also covers things about the creatures and people, biologically and culturally in an easy to follow format that makes it extremely accessible to reade

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    Ladies and gentlemen, the Holy Bible of Worldbuilding

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    If you are doing world construction for a novel or a game, it is a huge undertaking This book will make it easier for you in many ways First, this book will stop you from making a lot of mistakes that you will find difficult to undo especially after you have made a commitment to a storyline or a definition of a character Second, it also helps you to organize your effort to create something believable Even if you are not interested in pl

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    Things to consider when building a world from scratch, or creating a variation on a theme Mostly drawn from history and other sci fi fantasy sources, Rosenfelder discusses the primary bits that need to be considered in the construction of an imaginary world The importance is for consistency keeping all the aspects of the world in line so that things do not seem out of place, or bend the suspension of belief too far Rosenfelder advocates crea

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    Very useful for worldbuilding and as a companion to the Language Construction kits both the basic and Advanced version Good conlanging needs good worldbuilding Tolkien created The Lord of the Rings just so that his Elvish languages could have somewhere to call home , and this book is an excellent guide.

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    Very good book Doesn t cover everything, but what could Great resource Great for getting you started thinking about how to write you fantasy scifi novel Recommend for deep thinkers and writers

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    Not as good as the language ones, because perhaps by necessity a little superficial and much of it somewhat obvious when you know history decently well Still, plenty of good tips and good humour also, and stuff to think about.

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