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The Perfect Weapon: How the Cyber Arms Race Set the World Afire From The Premiere New York Times Washington Correspondent, A Stunning And Incisive Look Into How Cyberwarfare Is Influencing Elections, Threatening National Security, And Bringing Us To The Brink Of Global WarBehind The Russian Cyberattacks That May Have Thrown The Election Behind The Sony Hack Behind Mysterious Power Outages Around The World And The Disappearance Of Thousands Of Personnel Records From Poorly Guarded Government Servers Are The Traces Of A New And Powerful Weapon, One That Has The Potential To Remake Global Conflict Like Nothing Since The Invention Of The Atomic Bomb The Perfect Weapon Is The Riveting Story Of How, In Less Than A Decade, Cyberwarfare Displaced Terrorism And Nuclear Attacks As The Greatest Threat To American National Security Cheap To Acquire, Difficult To Defend Against, And Designed To Shield Their User S Identities So As To Complicate Retaliation, These Weapons Are Capable Of An Unprecedented Range Of Offensive Tactics They Can Take Us Just Short Of War, Allowing For Everything From Disruption To Theft To The Cause Of Widespread Damage Of Essential Infrastructure Systems And The Vulnerability Of Those Systems Has Created A Related But Equally Urgent Conflict American Companies Like Apple And Cisco Must Claim Allegiance To No Government In The Name Of Selling Secure Products Around The Globe Yet The US Intelligence Agencies Want The Help Of Such Companies In Defending Against Future Cyberattacks Reported And Written With Unprecedented Access By New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent And Bestselling Author David Sanger, The Perfect Weapon Takes Readers Inside War Rooms And Boardrooms, Into The Secret Cyberdens Of American And Chinese Military, To Give The Deep Background Story Of The Increasingly Pitched Battle Between Nations, Their Governments, Their Cyberwarriors, And Their Corporations

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    This book consists largely of the retelling of cyber attack incidents that have previously been in the news over the past ten years However, the retelling in this book at this time has the advantage of hindsight which provides the enabling perspective regarding background, motive and attribution that were largely uncertain when the stories wer

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    David Sanger is simply the best writer alive working on issues of global and American security, and his latest book proves how far ahead he is of everyone else in his field His meticulous reporting and cogent analysis of where cyber warfare is headed makes an urgent argument for international standards a digital Geneva Convention is mentioned to be disc

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    Philip Graham is credited with calling journalism the first rough draft of history The author of The Perfect Weapon, David E Sanger, one of the highly respected journalists for the New York Times, called his book current history I am going with a polished second draft of history As a daily reader of The Times I already had some familiarity with the topics covered

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    66th book for 2018.Nice summary of current situation around cyberwar from an American perspective This is a scary world where large state players China and Russia, but also North Korea and Iran are increasingly intruding attacking US targets The US is largely unprotected from a cyberattack, which could take down power, water etc relatively easily Having read this it s real

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    This is an excellent and terrifying read The Russians and Chinese and North Koreans are in the house and it seems that this administration is not at all aware of the magnitude of the threat Sanger has a lot of access and a depth of knowledge on the issues and this history He s also an excellent writer I do have some critiques he seems to think that the olympic games project where th

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    This was a great review of the political and cyber landscape over the past decade or so Not much new information if you have been following along , but really well condensed into a single source which gives things broader context.

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    TL DR Must Read Very scary We re screwed Kill your social media accounts Abandon technology Start a homestead Cynics are on to something.Full Review The threat of Nuclear Weapons and rise of Global Warming have occupied the top spot in the list of humanity s gravest concerns for as long as I can remember, and rightly so We have arrived at the point in our times where just a few players controlling hist

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    Russia and China have penetrated so deeply into the electronic systems that sustain the American economy that either country might be able to set us back two or three decades using cyber weapons North Korea and Iran appear to be not far behind What seems to be stopping them all is the equal or greater ability of the United States to do the same or worse to them not to mention the chance we might reduce their cou

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    How to the laws of war apply to cyber That is the question Why not just manipulate North Korea s missile launches software prior to launch and thereby plunging them into the sea shortly after takeoff Well, that would amount to preemptive war in violation of international law So when Sanger seeks information about those failures at the Pentagon, he s met with stony silence Yet cyber manipulation has happened before, namely

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    If any book deserves the sobriquet, If you re not outraged, then you re not paying attention, this one does It is the compilation of fairly recent news items on the subject of cyber warfare What was reported at the time it happened as nearly random, but intentional acts of computer sabotage have proven to be part of a grand strategy on the world stage of state actors to engage in warfare that puts everyone at risk In essence, there

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