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The Perfect Son 10 Hours A Disturbing And Shocking Debut Novel Of Psychological Suspense About A Recently Widowed Mother, Her Young Son, And The Lengths She Ll Go To In Order To Keep Him Safe.When Tess Clarke Wakes Up In The Hospital The Day After Her Son Jamie S Eighth Birthday, She S Sure Of These Things She S Been Stabbed, Her Son Is Missing, Her Brother In Law And Her Grief Counselor Are Involved But No One Is Listening To Her After Her Husband, Mark, Died Suddenly In A Terrible Accident A Few Months Earlier, The Only Thing Keeping Tess Together Is Jamie As They Struggle To Make Sense Of Their New Life Without Mark, They Find Joy In Brief Moments Of Normalcy Like Walking To School And Watching Television Together Life Is Hard Without Mark, But Tess Has Jamie, And That S What Matters.But There In The Hospital, Confused And Surrounded By People Who Won T Listen, Tess S World Falls Apart To Save Her Son, She Must Piece Together What Happened Between Mark S Death And Jamie S Birthday, But The Truth Might Just Be Too Much For Her To Bear.

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    Tess is struggling to come to terms with the untimely death of her husband Mark in a plane crash Meanwhile, her 7 year old son Jamie, not unnaturally misses his daddy terribly, but neither of them know how to express their grief without anger both of them drowning in their loss.Grief counsellor Shelley Lange is enlisted to help Tess through those t

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    3.5 Tess is living a nightmare Her husband Mark died suddenly and she just can t pull herself out of her deep grief Tess is determined to keep everyone at bay The distance, the better Just going to cocoon herself in her home with her son Jamie in hopes of starting the healing process.Then, comes a knock on the door Shelley is a grief counselor bringing

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    This book was engrossing, heartbreaking and compelling I made the mistake of starting it at 9 00PM and 200 bleary eyed pages later I could barely lay it down.That being said, I don t know if this is so much a thriller as a deep dive on grief and letting go.Tess is lost in the days after her husband is killed in a commercial plane crash caused by pilot suicid

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    3.5 STARSA clever psychological, suspense thriller.This is the author s debut and it reminds me of the writing of B.A.Paris or Louise Candlish a bit It even reminded me a little of one book in particular I mostly enjoy their books as well.The way it starts with Tess Clarke in the hospital with a fuzzy memory was very intriguing to me My curiosity had the best of

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    This was a captivating mystery Tess Clarke wakes up in the hospital just after her son, Jamie s, birthday the day before She has been stabbed and now her son is missing.Tess husband, Mark, passed away in an accident a few months ago, and taking care of Jamie is the only thing getting her out of the bed in the morning They lean on each other through their grief, and it

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    READ IT THE END Seriously I would leave it at that but better say about this top notch pyschological thrillerTess and her son Jamie are grieving the loss of their hubby dad after a plane crash To say Tess is distraught is an understatement and so her Mum involves a grief counsellor Shelley, she is amazing..too amazingwho is she really and what does she want Ian hubby s br

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    This was a worthwhile read for me although I would not say it is among the best in the psychological thriller suspense genres I happened to guess correctly early on as to which direction the author was going to go so that was slightly disappointing but the story as a whole was compelling and without a doubt worth my time.A few months ago, Tess s husband, Mark, died and she has

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    Waking up in the hospital after her son s eighth birthday, Tess is confused and doesn t understand what is going on She s been stabbed, her son is missing, and no one appears to be listening to her Tess has been at a loss since the death of her husband and struggles to keep things together for her son Why does everyone in her life, seem to be against her Why does it as if she can t

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    3.5 StarsTess was suffering from depression caused by her husband s death He died in a plane crash a few months earlier Now it s just Tess and Jamie their son.The day after Jamie s eighth birthday, Tess woke up in the hospital, she was stabbed and Jamie was missing Her memories were disturbed, she just knew that her brother in law and her grief counselor were involved How did she get the

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    I have had so much on in real life as I started this book that I ve been eager to get back to it I hadn t been able to read the second part of the book for 2 weeks Unheard of by me, but there you go.Tess has a son Jamie, both are grieving the loss of her husband, Jamie s dad.This starts off with Tess waking in ICU, she has stab wounds Of course the Police are there asking questions butJamie i

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