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The Other Mrs. Miller Part One Oh, Mrs Miller Your rich Daddy has died in scandal, and you are hiding out in your house, wearing yoga pants with no intention of doing poses Your favorite synonym for serenity is French Cabernet Sauvignon But someone has been sitting outside your house and you are sure that they are watching you You start a logbook noting the dates and times of when the car, and that person are there.You are ever so snarky, but a lot of what you think and say resonates with me, as a reader What you DO however, does not Part Two Oh, Mrs Miller You are ten pounds lighter and your skin looks like porcelain You now hold hands with your husband when you go out to play You seem so much happier is it your husband, making you feel this way Have you really turned over a new leaf Or is it is because of your new neighbors and friends , The Napiers, who have moved in across the streetIf you like your thrillers fun and I enjoyed part one of this book Phoebe is a rich bored housewife who likes to stay at home and drink while her husband is out at work Her marriage is on the rocks When new neighbours move in next door she gets close to them by befriending the wife and her son. The Other Mrs Miller, a mystery thriller, was a solid 3.5 stars Phoebe Miller is an unhappy wealthy woman living in Chicago Phoebe spends the vast majority of her time at home drowning her sorrows in a desperate attempt to forget about her failing marriage and the horrible family legacy her father left behind after his recent death With women coming forward accusing her father of serious misconduct, Phoebe feels that she is now a target, especially with a suspicious blue car now parking in her neighborhood at all hours of the day When new neighbors move across the street, Phoebe is able to distract herself with her new friend Vicki and her handsome son Jake No spoilers here but things aren t always as they seem I enjoyed the The Other Mrs Miller, even with the some Phoebe s recently lost her wealthy father Daniel and is literally shutting herself in her suburban house in a quiet cul de sac She has no desire to interact with other people and most definitely she d like to avoid the press Since his death, Daniel has been accused of rape and various kinds of harrassment by numerous women who were too afraid to talk about it earlier for the fear of retribution Phoebe did not exactly have a happy childhood herself Most of the time her father didn t acknowledge her existence, and when he did, it was only to put her down or label as worthless Phoebe had her moment of rebellion when, having got accidentally pregnant, she got married to Wyatt Unfortunately, the baby died, numerous fertility treatments proved to be futile, and Phoebe gradually realised that becoming a parent was her husband s dream, not hers, as she is not a maternal type Phoebe s marriage is on the rocks, she doesn t want to leave her house for any other reason apart from grocery shopping Slowly, but steadily, Phoebe is letting herself go I was fascinated by this description of a middle life crisis, because, let s face it, it doesn t happen only to rich and socially disgraced heiresses, it can happen and happens to a lot of people who are missing meaningful relationships and interactions in their life A new family moves in the house next door, and Phoebe gets involved with the Napiers family life in all sorts of predictable and unpredictable way Phoebe Miller spends her days at home alone She s noticed the same car parked on her street several times a week Phoebe wonders if it is someone taking a break from their day or if someone is spying on her When new neighbors move in across the street, Phoebe forgets about the woman in the car.Told in two parts, Part 1 Mrs Miller and Part 2 The Other Mrs Miller The first part is about Phoebe and her life She is wealthy, lonely, and unhappily married When new neighbors move in, she starts up a friendship with the mother and an affair with the son The second part takes a turn, and is about the other Mrs Miller.I thoroughly enjoyed Part 1, but Part 2 was a let down While the first part is realistic and somewhat dark, the second part is unbelievable and almost comical It s like reading two completely different stories.Overall, The Other Mrs Miller is an entertaining read Good for fans of domestic The Other Mrs Miller is one heck of a crazy ride and I mean cray cray And I loved it I was not expecting the turns the story took at all from the blurb Allison Dickinson has a sure fire hit on her hands here and I have heard that it has already been picked up for a TV series I will be tuning in for that.It is a tough book to write much about without giving anything away as I said, I wasn t expecting the way the story went at all Phoebe Miller is a rich housewife who is in an unhappy marriage and rarely leaves the house She notices a new car in the street on a regular basis and worries it maybe somebody after her due her late fathers indiscretions When a new family move into the house across the road she decides to fight her fears and becomes friendly with the new neighbours And that is all I can say But trust me, you will not be disappointed with this one if you are like me you will squeal at the end of part one Thanks to Netgalley an Really enjoyed this twisty character driven domestic thriller Great characters and lots of shenanigans Review to follow nearer publication Darkly funny, deeply chilling Great read. In This Unputdownable Domestic Suspense Debut, A Lonely Suburban Housewife Finds Her Life Entangled With The Family That Moves In Across The Street At The Same Time That She Becomes Convinced Someone Is Watching Her Perfect For Fans Of The Couple Next Door And The Last Mrs Parrish.Once A Darling Of Chicago S Social Scene, Phoebe Miller Fears She S Become Irrelevant And Clich Just Another Miserably Unfulfilled Housewife Who Drowns Her Sorrows In Chardonnay And Ice Cream And Barely Leaves Her House Maybe It S Her Dark Thoughts And Fertile Imagination That Lead Her To Believe The Worst About Everything She Spies Going On In The Exclusive Suburban Cul De Sac She Calls Home But Surely That Rusty Blue Sedan That Keeps Idling By Her Driveway Is A Sign That She S Being Watched And That New Family That Just Moved In Across The Street Dr Ron Napier, His Vivacious Wife, Vicki, And Their Handsome College Bound Son, Jake Can T Be As Perfect As They Appear Especially Not With The Bruises On Vicki S Arms And The Fear In Jake S Eyes.When A Chance Introduction To The Exuberant Vicki And A Forbidden Encounter With Jake Draws Her Out Of Her Shell And Deeper Into The Napiers Orbit, Phoebe S Life Finally Gets The Infusion Of Excitement She S Been Missing But When Anonymous Threatening Notes Begin Landing On Her Doorstep, She Ll Have To Ask Herself Just How Well Anyone Can Truly Know Their Neighborsand How Close To Home Unforeseen Danger Sometimes Lies. Phoebe Miller is a bored housewife and is no longer content in her marriage to her husband Wyatt After a scandal revolving around her father, Phoebe finds herself a shut in drinking her day away to pass the time This is when she starts noticing a blue sedan parked in the neighborhood seemingly watching her Around the same time a new family moves into their wealthy neighborhood The Napiers are not all they seem to be and with Phoebe s new found friendship with Vicki Napier and her son Jake, things start slowly turning around for Phoebe But, is everything as it seems or do the Napier s have something to hide The Other Mrs Miller is written in two parts and for the most part the first half is a slow burn buildup to part two While I loved part one of the story, part two sort of lost the momentum for me and bordered on the unbelievable To explain a little further, I was sucked in to the first part as it delved slowly into Phoebe s life and marriage as well as the new neighbors next door Phoebe has a bit of a stalker which slowly reveals throughout the

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