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berraschend gut Hat mir sehr gefallen Read all my reviews on I requested The Nightingale Girls because it immediately reminded me of Call The Midwife Set in London s East End during the 30s it follows three young girls in The Nightingale, a training hospital for nurses It wasn t for me, unfortunately I felt too little history and way to much soap op I liked this At first I wasn t sure if I would I wanted hospital patient stories and less nurse stories but hello, look at the title It is a book about three student NURSES in 1930s East End London It is a bit of a soap opera, fans of Strong Medicine not a book, I know but you get the idea and Call The Midwife will like this I found myself getting quite engrossed in their lives and had a hard time putting the last half of the book down In fact, as soon as I turned the last page I grabbed the next book in the series and bookmarked the first chapter.There are love interests in the book but everything is kept clean which I appreciated Bottom line Well worth the read and pretty absorbi Donna Douglas is a very successful author of contemporary romance novels, written under the name of Donna Hay The Nightingale Girls is her first historical novel, the first of a planned trilogy and was published by Arrow Books at Random House on 16 August.The Nightingale Girls of the title are the students of the fictional Florence Nightingale Teaching Hospital, situated in London s East End, the story starts in the 1930s The story centres around three of the students Dora, Helen and Millie Three very different girls, with different backgrounds, different experiences but brought together by their shared mission to become nurses.Dora is an East End girl from a poor, working class district She is not the usual Nightingale student and is often looked down on by some of the other students She is from tough stock and has battled hard to get away from home, and importantly, to get away from her step father.Helen is quiet and studious, and known as a tell tale The other girls don t trust her one bit her formidable Mother is a Trustee of the Hospital and governs both the staff and her own daughter with a rod of iron.Millie is an aristocrat, the much loved daughter of her doting father Carefree and often flippant, there are not many people who believe that she will ever qualify as a nurse.Thrown together during training, these three girls form an unlikely alliance, slowly opening up to each as the Reading The Nightingale Girls Author Donna Douglas Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Three Very Different Girls Sign Up As Student Nurses In 1936, While England Is Still Mourning The Death Of George V Dora Is A Tough East Ender, Driven By Ambition, But Also Desperate To Escape Her Squalid, Overcrowded Home And Her Abusive Stepfather Helen Is The Quiet One, A Mystery To Her Fellow Nurses, Avoiding Fun, Gossip And The Limelight In Fact She Is In The Formidable Shadow Of Her Overbearing Mother, Who Dominates Every Aspect Of Her Life Can A Nursing Career Free Helen At Last The Third Of Our Heroines Is Naughty, Rebellious Millie An Aristocrat On The Run From Her Conventional Upper Class Life She Is Doomed To Clash Over And Over Again With Terrifying Sister Hyde And To Get Into Scrape After Scrape Especially Where Men Are Concerned This Utterly Delightful Novel Brings A London Pre War Hospital Vividly To Life. I m certain readers of my reviews are heartily sick of the fact that I love the book and television show, Call the Midwife I love historical nursing fiction I m not sure why, as it s not the most glamorous of jobs but there s something cosy and inviting about reading about nurses that never gets boring The Nightingale Girls is the first book in the Nightingale Nurses series there s currently four books and an eBook Christmas story , set in the fictional Nightingale Hospital in London It has elements of Call the Midwife the camaraderie, the London East End , but this is hospital based think doctors, strict Sisters and night duty It s a wonderfully heart warming read where there is always something happening.There are three main characters in this book there s Dora, a girl from the East End with a secret to cause her to leave her family Millie, a failed probationer and lady of society and Helen, a senior student nurse with an overbearing mother It s an interesting combination as generally Helen is off working on the wards while Millie and Dora are in class The only thing the three h Donna Douglas does a great job at creating likable characters you want to read and follow in The Nightingale Girls It is a fun, light read set in 1930 s London following a group of young women from vastly different backgrounds studying to become nurses at the prestigious Nightingale teaching hospital.Readers follow Amelia Millie Bennedict who is the daughter of an Earl in High Society Helen Tremayne who comes from a terribly strict upbringing and is a legacy to her mother who was a Nightingale nurse and Dora Doyle who is from the East End and had to work in factories and go to Night School to earn this opportunity There are others but these are our primary characters Douglas utilizes them to detail the class structure of the time and the challenges that would be faced by young women during a time of enormous change in England including family expectations, marriage and dating, and entering the workforce.I read that viewers who enjoyed Call the Midwife will enjoy this as well I agree, and I fall in that category I had hoped it would delve deeper into class structure and history but I liked it I will absolutely pick up the next book It is something I will read when I m looking for lighter fare In the past, I ve likened some books to candy fun, tasty, satisfying but not particularly filling This definitely falls in that category That being said I don t know anyone who doesn t like candy I certainly doI received this from Netgalley and Ran Light and fun read, catching a glimpse into nursing school almost a century ago brought me out of my reading slump D Erhofft hatte ich eine Geschichte in der Art von Call the Midwife Leider l sst sich die Buchreihe nur bedingt mit der BBC Serie vergleichen Das Setting ist hnlich, es spielt in der selben Zeit, aber das ist dann auch schon alles Leider bleiben die Charaktere im Buch blass und extrem klischeehaft Selbst die tragischsten Ereignisse werden locker flockig abgehandelt und gel st, wie in einer kitschigen Soap Einziger Vorteil Das Buch l sst sich auch noch in der stressigsten Phase sehr leicht lesen und It seems most reviewers loved this book, so I m trying to figure out what I m missing I m a big fan of historical fiction so I thought I would enjoy this as much as everyone else did But I just found it boring It seemed nothing really happened at least for the first couple hundred pages I didn t like The Nightingale Girls

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Welcome to my Goodreads page I m the author of the Nightingale novels, a series of stories set in an East End hospital in the 1930s, published by Arrow The first in the series, The Nightingale Girls, follows the lives of three girls from very different backgrounds as they join the Nightingale Hospital as students The second, The Nightingale Sisters, will be published next spring I m originally

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