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The Night Pirates A Perfectly Pitched, Irresistibly Charming Read Aloud Picture Book For The Youngest Pirate Enthusiasts Down, Down, Down The Dark, Dark Street They Came Up, Up, Up The Dark, Dark House They Climbed Stealthy As Shadows, Quiet As Mice Only The Moon Was Watching When They Arrived Only The Moon Was Watching When They Left Only The Moon One Little Boy Tom Is Awoken By A Band Of Rough, Tough Little Girl Pirates, So What Does He Do He Joins Their Ranks Together They Set Sail In Search Of Treasure But What Will Happen When They Meet A Crew Of Rough, Tough Grown Up Pirates Readers Will Be Swept Up In The Spare, Jaunty Text, Quirky Illustrations In This Unexpected Bedtime Adventure

About the Author: Peter Harris

Peter Harris practiced law in South Africa for 15 years before being seconded to the National Peace Accord in the early 1990s He headed the Monitoring Directorate of the Independent Electoral Commission for the 1994 election and is currently Executive Chairman of the Resolve Group Management Consultancy, which he co founded.

10 thoughts on “The Night Pirates

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    The Night Pirates is a children s adventure book about some brave little girl pirates that take a young boy called Tom along with the front of his house on a mission to steal the treasure of some really, tough grown up pirates.The story is captivating

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    As kids picture books go, The Night Pirates is right up there with Where the Wild Things Are, The Sneetches and Stone Soup as one of my all time faves The art is beautiful, GIRLS can be Pirates how s that for crazy , the writing is perfectly suited to or

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    I loved the illustrations They were so warm for a book set at night The mix of different medias was lovely I was especially fond of the graph paper houses And I loved the fact that the pirates were little girls who didn t exclude Tom for being a boy, which

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    My 4 year old niece, Daisy and I have been having a bit of a pirate themed day We went on a treasure hunt around the house earlier, and she now has a chest full of treasure, so this was a fun book to read to her.

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    During the night, Tom awakens to some noises Turns out some girl pirates are stealing his house He does the logical thing, and joins them on their adventure.A fun nighttime story about pirates And girl pirates at that Fun illustrations with rhyming text make i

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    Up up up the dark house they climbed Stealthy as shadows, quiet as mice Rough, tough little girl pirates The Night Pirates is unlike any other pirate story, primarily as the pirates are not the coarse, burly men we know of as pirates But instead little girls tha

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    A fantastic read for a KS1 whole class read Harris captures childrens imaginations cleverly and challenges the normal bounds of pirate stories by having the pirates as girls The idea of dreams is cleverly conveyed allowing children to begin to look at inference wi

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    A book with a fun, adventurous story The illustrations are great and children seem to get lost in them The story has poetic repetition and highlighted words that are a great learning tool I recommend this book for both boys and girls as it has girl pirates I read th

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    Tom joins a band of pirates that wakes him up in the middle of the night As he joins them, they go on grand adventure.We just discovered Bookaboo and this was the first episode we watched Absolutely fantastic that these books are read in this show This book was clever

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    A little boy is visited in the night by a ship full of little girl pirates How cool is that

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