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The Next Decade Download The Next Decade George Friedman Contra Saustall.eu The Author Of The Acclaimed New York Times Bestseller The Next 100 Years Now Focuses His Geopolitical Forecasting Acumen On The Next Decade And The Imminent Events And Challenges That Will Test America And The World, Specifically Addressing The Skills That Will Be Required By The Decade S Leaders The Next Ten Years Will Be A Time Of Massive Transition The Wars In The Islamic World Will Be Subsiding, And Terrorism Will Become Something We Learn To Live With China Will Be Encountering Its Crisis We Will Be Moving From A Time When Financial Crises Dominate The World To A Time When Labor Shortages Will Begin To Dominate The New Century Will Be Taking Shape In The Next Decade In The Next Decade, George Friedman Offers Readers A Pro Vocative And Endlessly Fascinating Prognosis For The Immedi Ate Future Using Machiavelli S The Prince As A Model, Friedman Focuses On The World S Leaders Particularly The American President And With His Trusted Geopolitical Insight Analyzes The Complex Chess Game They Will All Have To Play The Book Also Asks How To Be A Good President In A Decade Of Extraordinary Challenge, And Puts The World S Leaders Under A Microscope To Explain How They Will Arrive At The Decisions They Will Make And The Consequences These Actions Will Have For Us All From The Hardcover Edition.

About the Author: George Friedman

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Next Decade book, this is one of the most wanted George Friedman author readers around the world.

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    This book is not quite what its cover leads the unsuspecting buyer to believe it will be The cover underplays the book s US centricity, and although the whole world does come in for consideration at some point, it s all from a US point of view Happily I was fine with that others may not be.Friedman begins by trying to make the case that the US has an empire, and it s arguable whether he succeeds I must admit that, being a Brit, I bristled a

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    STRATFOR is a political think tank that gained prominence after Anonymous hacked its servers and spewed out its exceedingly boring dossiers onto the uncaring public Its director, George Friedman, also wrote a book called THE NEXT 100 YEARS which contained such fantastic prediction as that in the year 2060, Japanese schoolgirl ninjas and Polish Space Marines would build a giant moon laser and sunburn half of the USA One tends to wonder a bit how th

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    This book learned me how mega trends, technology, demography, resources, wars, and foreign political actions are being observed and analyzed from American politicians perspective Although Friedman admits that America has some moral hypothesis that must maintain, but he confess that it must use all imperial power resources it possess to prevent any potential rival from competing its global role in both short and long te...

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    I like the way Friedman said something like the leaders of today can be taught yesterday not his exact words, these are mine From 8,000 BCE to now, from empires to states, from theocracy to democracy, the world has changed again and again, and will continue to change, for better or for worse.The way we know how toprogress and notretrogress is by looking to the past and seeing how we can better the future.For example these are my own examples since I don t want

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    The author makes a bold and unshakable declaration America is an imperial empire and that s a fact Also America could lose itself as a Republic.The author is CEO of Stratfor, which does intelligence analysis for the CIA and the multinationals So the opinions in this book count for something.He gives the big picture that faces America abroad It is simple power and balance of power He states that this country is always striving to set other countries at e...

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    Less interesting,repetitive compared to his previous books

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    While the work already feels somewhat dated, there are nonetheless lots of useful observations about the near past that can inform us about the near future.

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    I am glad to have found this author who is a very insightful foreign policy thinker He looks at foreign policy through Machiavellian spectacles and examines the forces that will shape the world going forward and gives interesting directives for the would be President of the United States in exerting power around the world while maneuvering through national political discussions.The book starts with a short history primer and notes the current political realities It then assesses each geog

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    Once again, I don t generally give higher reviews than the average In fact, I m not sure it s happened apart from George Friedman books After the acclaim heaped on his book The Next 100 years Friedman, felt compelled to write one that focusedon the short term This is how he gives us The Next Decade Again, I m astonished by Friedman s ability to extract the signal from the noise He seems to use all the information anyone has available to them it manages to come to different and entirel Once again

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    Have you ever played the board game Risk The game board is a map of the world partitioned into different colored continents, subdivided into countries Each player places their armies on different countries, battles their opponents, and conquers territory with the ultimate goal of taking over the entire world The difficult decisions are where to place your armies and who to engage in battle Reading George Friedman s The Next Decade reminded of Risk, but instead of being a game, it s real life Have you e

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