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The Mockery & Majesty of the Cross - Discovery Series Truth and TrustworthyI chose this rating because it tells the trustworthy love and sacrifice required by God and given by God to restore our fellowship with Him by His way of redemption I also appreciated Bill s description of the difference of being religious and living with God truly in our life. Maintaining A Positive Outlook While Facing Painful Circumstances In Life Can Be A Challenge In This Excerpt Of The Path Of His Passion, Author Bill Crowder Takes A Closer Look At Jesus Humiliating, Yet Glorious Sacrifice To Help You See Beyond Your Situation To The Heart Of God Discover How Your Sufferings Can Become Greater Moments For God S Glory, When You See It From His Perspective

About the Author: Bill Crowder

Bill Crowder, who spent over twenty years in pastoral ministry, is vice president of ministry content at ODB Ministries He is a contributor to Our Daily Bread and the author of five books, including The Spotlight on Faith, Singing the Songs of the Brokenhearted, and The Path of His Passion He and his wife, Marlene, have five children.

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