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The Mennyms The Mennyms, A Family Of Life Size Rag Dolls Living In England And Pretending To Be Human, See Their Peaceful Existence Threatened When The House S Owner Announces He Is Coming From Australia For A Visit

About the Author: Sylvia Waugh

Sylvia Waugh sounds like cough was born in Gateshead, County Durham there was no Tyne Wear till 1974 in Northern England in 1935 Having worked full time as a grammar teacher for seventeen years, Waugh began her writing career in her late forties, after her three children were grown In 1993, she published her first book, The Mennyms, which eventually evolved into an entire series Ms Waugh said in an Entertainment Weekly, interview with Lois Alter Mark, I created the Mennyms because the world is too cynical, too lacking in magic People with dreams are an endangered species, and I wanted to write for them I don t want the nastiness the stuff I see on TV Since completing her Mennyms books, Waugh has continued her focus, as Horn Book contributor Martha V Parravano noted, on what it means to be human by exploring the lives of those who are not.

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    I recently recommended this book to a friend, a very sensitive friend, a Gilbert Sulliven listening light poetry reading friend who does not want to deal with anything that makes him squeamish one of his favorite words, which compels me to carefully poke his sensitive spots during our conversations to see exactly what he considers squeamish He s always asking what I m reading, and I say I m reading _____ and it s great but it ll make you squeamish DO NOT GO NEAR IT I don t even bring I recently recom

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    If I had my way, the Mennym series would be in every middle school library I fell in love with the first one, in 1994 so much so that Iwrote a fan letter to Sylvia Waugh, the author I subsequently met her at the Children s Literature New England conference in Cambridge, England, and we have been corresponding ever since But even had I never met her I would love these books Each of the Mennyms human sized rag dolls who have been mysteriously endowed with life is such a complete, well roun If I had my way, t

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    Hmmm This should be a book that I loved The premise is just up my alley a family of life size rag dolls who outlived their creator, only becoming sentient after she died But somehow it seemed to get stuck now and then, and it wasn t easy to keep reading That said, it is fascinating in its own way, and the author created an unusual and compelling dilemma for her characters how to live and thrive without being found out by humans who we assume just couldn t handle it, and dire results w Hmmm This should be a book

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    This is pretty ingenious, has slight similarities to the borrowers but quite original and Waugh has written likable realistic characters of a unique species DI love the author s voice, a dry warm British one reminding me of the Wombles and my school library..

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    3.5 STARSI was expecting a littlefrom this story considering the reviews I m not exactly sure what I mean by , but I feel as though I missed out on the magic of the MennymsI imagine as time passes their family s tale of trying to live life with its complicated mix of pretends and realities may grow on me Does anyone else ever have that problem where a story becomes better than the initial reading after you ve had time to ruminate over it a while The plot was very character dri 3.5 STARSI was expecting a littlefrom this stor

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    Who, or what, the Mennyms are is best summed up by a few lines from Chapter Three They were not human you see at least not in the normal sense of the word They were not made of flesh and blood They were just a whole, lovely family of life sized rag dolls When Kate Penshaw died 40 years ago, the ten dolls she created came to life Miss Quigly and nine Mennyms were each born with their own histories and personalities Collectively they re able to tend to all the household needs, but the Who, or what, the Mennyms are is best summed up

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    Sylvia Waugh s The Mennyms is a fantasty based novel following the lives of the Mennyms, a family of rag dolls that have come to life After spending many years of self induced solitude after their creator died, they receive a letter from a mysterious man named Albert Pond, stating that their old land lord has died, and that he will be visiting them around Christmas The Mennyms are frantic Will their secret leak out Can the ignorant Albert Pond be persuaded into not coming How will this im Sylvia Waugh s The Mennyms is a fantasty based

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    This is a great story about a family of human size sentient rag dolls who live in an old house together Unlike so many books for this age range probably late elementary early middle school , there s nothing edgy about this book, but, at the same time, the characters aren t milquetoast and the story is surprisingly sophisticated I read it aloud to my 9 year old son, and it was quite a hit.

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    I ve always loved this book, and still do I love the world created by Waugh, which is so realistic I never once don t believe the dolls are alive She doesn t over analyse or try to scientifically or magically explain how they became sentient, which I appreciate willful suspension of disbelief and all that Highly recommend.

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    Such a precious read All the memories big love

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