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The Masters Tale PDF Epub The Masters Tale Author Ann Victoria Roberts Bandcamptomp3.co.uk THE MASTER S TALE, A Titanic Ghost Story Haunted By His Final Voyage, Shackled To A Place Beyond Time, Only The Truth Can Set Titanic S Master Free Captain Smith S Spirit Relives His Past The Ships He Sailed, The Women He Loved, His Rise From Obscurity To One Of The World S Finest Mariners Until Bad Luck And Coincidence Turn Against Him Fire Rages Below Decks, A Jonah Among His Passengers Predicts Doom, And A Mysterious Young Woman Evokes The Love He Had To Leave Behind Burdened By Guilt, He Makes The Voyage Again, Seeking His Fatal Mistake As The Past Fuses Into His Eternal Present The Truth Is, At Last, Revealed Uncovering Dramatic And Little Known Events, Ann Victoria Roberts Explores Themes Of Time And Coincidence In Her Haunting New Novel Based On The Life Of Captain Edward Smith.

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    This is the first ever e book that I have read and I really enjoyed I d love to see someof her books on Kindle.

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    The Master s TaleAnn Victoria RobertsFrom little acorns oak trees grow Author Ann Victoria Roberts was shown the Southampton dockmaster s log entry showing how Master Mariner E.J Smith arrived from New York as captain on the Olympic one day and only a couple of days later arrived again but this time as captain of the brand new Titanic He then left oncefor New York on the new unsinkable ship The proximity of those dates in April 1912 w

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    he Titanic is once again in the news as I write this review it is an infamous tragic story that will always fascinate The Master s Tale is an expertly crafted book that focuses on Titanic s master, Captain Edward Smith The story is told from the perspective of Captain Smith s ghost as he looks back over his life, going back to a time before the fateful voyage, touching on a time of romance in showing Smith as a vulnerable caring man We rea

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    I picked this up because I declared April to be Titanic month and want to read as many Titanic books as I can I don t think I was expecting much, I wasn t sure about that ghost thing in the title, but The Master s Tale turned out to be much better than I expected It s about the life of EJ Smith, the Captain of the Titanic, told by him I don t know for sure how much is fact and how much is fiction, though I m thinking most of how he made his way

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    A gripping and sympathetic account of the life of Captain Smith, the Master of the Titanic At last we can see how it was possible for this disaster to occur Ann Victoria Roberts takes us through the technical details of mastering a ship in such a way that we could almost be there on board with him.

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    2nd Prize Winner in the 2012 Rubery Book AwardThis is a very timely book, produced in a professional manner It takes the familiar account of the last voyage of the Titanic and examines it from a fresh perspective It is told by the master of the vessel, Captain Edward Smith The writer, who clearly has much specialist knowledge of the manner in which passenger ships are run, has seen the original log books of the master before the last tragic voyage, and s

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    THE MASTER S TALE a Titanic ghost story.Haunted by his final voyage, shackled to a place beyond time, only the truth can set Titanic s master free.Captain Smith s spirit relives his past the ships he sailed, the women he loved, his rise from obscurity to one of the world s finest mariners.Until bad luck and coincidence turn against him.Fire rages below decks, a Jonah amongst hi...

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