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The Making of the Middle Ages Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN 0300002300 This Is An Absorbing Study Of The Main Personalities And The Influences That Molded The History Of Western Europe From The Late Tenth To The Early Thirteenth Century Southern Describes The Chief Forms Of Social, Political, And Religious Organization.

About the Author: R.W. Southern

Sir Richard William Southern was a noted English medieval historian, based at the University of Oxford.

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    After this brief appearance he vanished from history, and the whole incident might be dismissed as one of those inexplicable approaches of worlds moving in different orbits and disturbing for a moment the even tenor t

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    An acknolwedged classic of european history, R.W Southern s The Middle Ages focuses on the period between 900 and 1200 A.D His geopgraphic focus is mostly northern france, with some asides to Germany, Italy, Southern France a

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    This was a favorite text from one of my undergraduate history courses and I have owned it for so long that the Yale University Press paperback edition that cost me 2.45 so many years ago is no longer in print I m glad the book is sti

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    This is a well written and interesting book, a pleasure to read and illuminating, with many small gems along the way It is a commentary really on cultural changes over the tenth and eleventh and twelfth centuries Its first section concerns t

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    Don t let my star rating fool ya This is a really good overview of the essential bits that tie together what made medieval Europe what it was c 900 1205 and what it would revolve against later Anyone at least mildly interested in the era should give

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    The humanization of Christ born from the changes in monasticism wrought by St Anselm and St Bernard , the birth of a new piety of interiority, the move in the arts and in literature from epic to romance nothing less than this the origins of the modern subje

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    All roads lead from Rome It s impossible to read this book in anything other than the light of the post War Britain R.W Southern was writing in countering the Germanic worshipping Victorians he remains locked into a discourse of cultural evolution The German societ

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    From memory a rather top down view of the middle ages, heavily slanted towards the doings of the ecclesiastical hierarchies To some extent this reflects the sources, but to an extent also the habits of the scholarship of Southern s day I d be inclined to recommend Bartlett

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    I loved this one If you still think that history books need to read as some sort of novel, if you believe that only biographies can be interesting, then you haven t grabbed this one yet The perfect book for a first approach into history

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    The style is great but the content is lacking.You could say it would be a good introduction to medieval history, but Southern presumes you already know who figures are like Gregory VII and name drops a variety of other events or movements without explanation This would be all we...

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