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The Long Shot In This Haunting, Extraordinary Novel, Award Winning Novelist Paul Monette Vividly Captures An Unconventional Cast Of Characters Whose Tangled Lives Play Out Against The Backdrop Of A Hollywood That Is At Once Luminous And Melancholy A Hollywood Where Making It To The Top Can Be Far Harrowing Than Never Making It At AllIt Was Just A Surreal One Night Stand With A Virtual Stranger, A Gypsy Eyed Drifter With An Inexplicably Infectious Passion For Thoreau Yet For Would Be Screenwriter Greg Cannon, The Fleeting Encounter Bears The Promise Of Something Even Elusive In This Jaded Town Than Coveted StardomThen, Harry Dawes Is Found With His Wrists Slashed, Naked In A Hot Tub With The Body Of Hollywood S Hottest And Also Closeted Actor And Greg, Who Has Lost A Hundred Men In His Time, But Only This One To Violence, Finds Himself Robbed Of The Chance To Fall In Love Reeling From The Loss Of A Man He Barely Knew, He Sets Out To Uncover The Truth About The Apparent Double Suicide Ultimately, His Attempt To Unravel The Enigmatic Public And Private Lives Of The Tragic Victims And Those They Left Behind, Leads Him On A Complex Journey As Remarkable And Revealing As The Final Destination

About the Author: Paul Monette

Interviews On Brink of Summer s End 1996http youtu.be Xh6e6LCwIEoOnline Guide to Paul Monette s papers at UCLA novels, poetry, and a memoir, Paul Monette wrote about gay men striving to fashion personal identities and, later, coping with the loss of a lover to AIDS.Monette was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1945 He was educated at prestigious schools in New England Phillips Andover Academy and Yale University, where he received his B.A in 1967 He began his prolific writing career soon after graduating from Yale For eight years, he wrote poetry exclusively.After coming out in his late twenties, he met Roger Horwitz, who was to be his lover for over twenty years Also during his late twenties, he grew disillusioned with poetry and shifted his interest to the novel, not to return to poetry until the 1980s.In 1977, Monette and Horwitz moved to Los Angeles Once in Hollywood, Monette wrote a number of screenplays that, though never produced, provided him the means to be a writer Monette published four novels between 1978 and 1982 These novels were enormously successful and established his career as a writer of popular fiction He also wrote several novelizations of films.Monette s life changed dramatically when Roger Horwitz was diagnosed with AIDS in the early 1980s After Horwitz s death in 1986, Monette wrote extensively about the years of their battles with AIDS Borrowed Time, 1988 and how he himself coped with losing a lover to AIDS Love Alone, 1988 These works are two of the most powerful accounts written about AIDS thus far.Their publication catapulted Monette into the national arena as a spokesperson for AIDS Along with fellow writer Larry Kramer, he emerged as one of the most familiar and outspoken AIDS activists of our time Since very few out gay men have had the opportunity to address national issues in mainstream venues at any previous time in U.S history, Monette s high visibility profile was one of his most significant achievements He went on to write two important novels about AIDS, Afterlife 1990 and Halfway Home 1991 He himself died of AIDS related complications in 1995.In his fiction, Monette unabashedly depicts gay men who strive to fashion personal identities that lead them to love, friendship, and self fulfillment His early novels generally begin where most coming out novels end his protagonists have already come to terms with their sexuality long before the novels projected time frames Monette has his characters negotiate family relations, societal expectations, and personal desires in light of their decisions to lead lives as openly gay men.Two major motifs emerge in these novels the spark of gay male relations and the dynamic alternative family structures that gay men create for themselves within a homophobic society These themes are placed in literary forms that rely on the structures of romance, melodrama, and fantasy.Monette s finest novel, Afterlife, combines the elements of traditional comedy and the resistance novel it is the first gay novel written about AIDS that fuses personal love interests with political activism.Monette s harrowing collection of deeply personal poems, Love Alone 18 Elegies for Rog, conveys both the horrors of AIDS and the inconsolable pain of love lost The elegies are an invaluable companion to Borrowed Time.Before the publication and success of his memoir, Becoming a Man, it seemed inevitable that Monette would be remembered most for his writings on AIDS Becoming a Man, however, focuses on the dilemmas of growing up gay It provides at once an unsparing account of the nightmare of the closet and a moving and often humorous depiction of the struggle to come out Becoming a Man won the 1992 National Book Award for nonfiction, a historical moment in the history

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    I don t think I m able to be objective in rating of Paul Monette s books Who am I to judge his works Besides, I m a HUGE fan of Paul Monette as a person He burst into my life with his powerfully written, raw and unforgettable memoirs Becoming a Man Half a Life Story and Becoming a Man Half a Life Story, a magnificent monument to his lover s bravery, their commitment to each other and the plague of hatred and ignorance they had to endureI ADMIRE his honesty , his essential and impor

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    I was so excited when in 1990 it was announced that David Lynch s series Twin Peaks was going to be shown on tv I taped the entire series but by the end of the series I was lost and wondering to myself what had just happened It was a great story with some intriguing special effects but I couldn t make head or tale of it and I never did understand who killed Laura Palmer Reading the Long Shot has left me feeling the way I did back then The mystery is lost in the surrealism of the story I w

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    While Monette can definitely write a pretty sentence, the density of the language gives the book a hazy, turgid atmosphere that sometimes obscures the decent Hollywood murder mystery at the book s core Still, it s an insightful, human story, with much to say about the nature of fame and fortune I wished the book had been sexier, though the main characters are all widows or aged, who seem to have abandoned hope of sexual or romantic redemption Ultimately, it was a sad and chilly read, rife While

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    Lots of 5 words thrown about a mediocre storyline at best Characters fell quite flat and the supposed plot twist was rushed and anticlimactic Monette can formulate some beautiful sentences, but as a novel, it was quite unconvincing.

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    fun, older gay novel

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    A well written book by one of my favorite authors.

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