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The Last Thing I Told You I Hear Myself Whispering Not Again Not Again Why Did I Ever Come Back Here Surely Because Of You Because I Thought Of Something I D Always Meant To Tell You Because You Were The Only One I Ever Really Wanted To Tell It ToTherapist Dr Mark Fabian Is Dead, Bludgeoned In His Office But That Doesn T Stop Former Patient Nadine Raines From Talking To Him In Her Head Why Did She Come Back To Her Hometown After So Many Years Away Everyone Here Thinks She S Crazy And She Has To Admit, They Might Have Good Reason To Think So She Committed A Shockingly Violent Act When She Was Sixteen And Has Never Really Been Able To Explain That Dark Impulse, Even To Fabian Now That Fabian S Dead, Why Is She Still Trying Meanwhile, As Detective Henry Peacher Investigates Fabian S Death, He Discovers That Shortly Before He Died Fabian Pulled The Files Of Two Former Patients One Was Of Nadine Raines, One Of Henry S Former High School Classmates Henry Still Remembers The Disturbing Attack On A Teacher That Marked Nadine As A Deeply Troubled Teen More Shockingly, The Other File Was Of Johnny Streeter Who Is Now Serving A Life Sentence For A Mass Shooting Five Years Ago The Shooting Devastated The Town And Everyone Including Henry Who Is Uncomfortable With The Hero Status The Tragedy Afforded Him Is Ready To Move On But The Appearance Of His File Brings Up New Questions Maybe There Is A Decades Old Connection Between Nadine And Streeter And Maybe That Somehow Explains What Nadine Is Doing In Fabian S Office Nearly Twenty Years After Being His Patient Or How Fabian Ended Up Dead Two Days After Her Return Or Why Nadine Has Fled Town Once Again But As Nadine And Henry Head Toward A Confrontation, Both Will Discover That The Secrets Of People S Hearts Are Rarely Simple And Even In The Hidden Depths Of A Psychologist S Files, Rarely As They Appear

About the Author: Emily Arsenault

I haven t had a terribly interesting life, so I won t share too many details But the highlights include When I was a preschooler and a kindergartner, I had a lazy eye and I was Connecticut s Miss Prevent Blindness, appearing on pamphlets and television urging parents to get their kids eyes checked I wore an eye patch and clutched a blonde doll wearing a similar patch I imagine it was all rather maudlin, but at the time I wouldn t have known that word I wrote my first novel when I was in fifth grade It was over a hundred pages and took me the whole school year to write It was about five girls at a summer camp I d never been to a summer camp, but had always wanted to attend one When I was all finished, I turned back to the first page, eager to read it all from the beginning I was horrified at how bad it was At age thirteen, I got to go to a real sleepaway camp It was nothing like the book I had written I studied philosophy in college So did my husband We met in a Hegel class, which is awfully romantic I worked as an editorial assistant at Merriam Webster from 1998 2002, and got to help write definitions for their dictionaries My husband and I served in the Peace Corps together, working in rural South Africa I miss Losasaneng, miss many of the people we met there, and dream about it often I am now working on my third novel It is tentatively titled Just Someone I Used to Know, named after and old song Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton used to sing together.

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    An interesting premise and opening chapter A psychiatrist is found murdered in his office This is you This is real This is what you ve done What we don t know is whose words these are or why they did this.Nadine Raines is a former patient of

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    Psychiatrist Dr Mark Fabian is dead bludgeoned in his office Detective Henry Peacher investigates Fabian s death and finds that shortly before his death, he pulled the files of 2 former patients One file is of Johnny Streeter, a man now serving a l

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    Dr Mark Fabian is dead Dr Fabian is a psychologist and therapist, specializing with clients who suffer from mental and personality disorders He was dedicated to his service and clientele, with their privacy at the utmost respect Who would want to kill him

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    Dr Mark Fabian is dead found murdered in his office Left behind is his former patient, Nadine, who continues to talk to Dr Fabian in her mind, telling him about her life in the many years since she saw the doctor Back then, she was a troubled teen, ostracized fo

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    Thank you so much TLC Book Tours and William Morrow Books for providing my free copy of THE LAST THING I TOLD YOU by Emily Arsenault all opinions are my own.I really enjoyed the premise and characterization in this one Nadine Raines returns to her New England town afte

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    An interesting twisted tale.

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    With the passing of her old therapist Nadine isn t quite sure who to turn to, he tried to help her through the darkest time in her young life, but she struggled to find a way to understand and talk about what she had done with him During their conversations she left out some of the

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    I received an ARC of this title from the publisher for an honest review.I m not going to review this one because I didn t get very far I read about 50 pages in and I didn t really get even the beginnings of a good picture on any of the characters So I felt nothing for them, or the story In

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    Thanks to William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review More psychological thrillers for the summer TBR This was my introduction to Emily Arsenault and I was not disappointed This was an incredibly atmospheric read and has a slow build that keeps th

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    4 5 stars I received a copy of this from my local bookstore This was actually a pretty good thriller I haven t read one quite like this in a while It takes a bit to get used to the changing POV s and the constant switching between the past and present You really dont know what your going to get once the

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