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The Lamp is Lit: Leaves from a Journal Autobiographical Sketches And Stories From India S Best Loved Writer In English For Over Four Decades Now, By Way Of Innumerable Short Stories, Essays, Poems And Novels, Ruskin Bond Has Championed Simplicity And Quietude In Life And In Art This Collection Of Essays And Episodes From His Journals Is, In His Own Words, A Celebration Of My Survival As A Freelance The Author S Early Forays Into The Literary Magazines Of The S And S Are Described In The First Part Of The Book, Along With Some Examples Of His Work At The Time The Sections That Follow Contain Extracts From An Unpublished Travel Journal He Kept During The S, Episodes From The Highways On Which He Was A Frequent Traveller, And Vignettes Of Life In Mussoorie, Past And Present With Understated Humour And Compassion, Ruskin Bond Records The Charming Eccentricities Of Friends And Acquaintances A Former Princess Cheerfully Obsessed With Death And Disaster The Silent Miracles Of Nature New Moon In A Purple Sky Life S Little Joys The Smell Of Onions Frying And Its Fleeting Regrets Provides A Fascinating Glimpse Into The Life Of Our Very Own Resident Wordsworth In Prose

About the Author: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children s authors and a top novelist.He wrote his first novel, The Room on the Roof, when he was seventeen which won John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957 Since then he has written several novellas, over 500 short stories, as well as various essays and poems, all of which have established him as one of the best loved and most admired chroniclers of contemporary India In 1992 he received the Sahitya Akademi award for English writing, for his short stories collection, Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra , by the Sahitya Akademi, India s National Academy of Letters in India He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1999 for contributions to children s literature.He now lives with his adopted family in Landour near Mussoorie.

10 thoughts on “The Lamp is Lit: Leaves from a Journal

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    I always love reading Ruskin Bond for the simplicity his writing offer Being someone from north India, I can relate to the characters and places he writes about It s impossible not to feel nostalgically happy after reading him.

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    Happiness is an elusive state of mind, not to be gained by clumsy pursuit It is given to those who do not sue for it to be unconcerned about a desired good is probably the only way to possess it.This is yet another autobiography written in 1998.Have read quite a few of his books including THE autobiography Lone Fox Dancing 2017 and I suspect this

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    Delightful read.Reading Mr Bond is therapeutic because you come across lines like following and pause for a moment to appreciate and reflect upon itBut whenever or however he died, it wouldn t be death He was too old to die He could only sleep.He could only fall gently, like an old brown leaf

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    Reading Ruskin Bond always remains refreshing with thoughts and for using his wit and wisdom Prose resembling poetry with words taking reader to the heights of pleasure of reading This collection that are part of journal give the readers same pleasure of reading his story.

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    As usual Like all of Ruskin Bond s books this too got me transported to a beautiful world which is full of simpler things of life Flowers for instance It s like a warm, fuzzy blanket of comfort which will make u feel better even when u feel ur best I can bet on it.

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    The man has got flair

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    The lamp is lit Leaves from a journal is simply a awesome book.I would like to suggest to all the fans of Mr.Ruskin Bond to read it,it s an amazing book I just loved it..

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    Ruskin bond is a always a pleasure to read This books talks about all the things he loves, literature, nature , traveling And most of all his love for India This book is an easy read and I found the journal entries and Ruskin s childhood the most interesting At some points though the book was a little too descriptive about the Indian cities But still a great read.

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    It has been my constant companion at bed side It uplifts tired spirits and gives a reason to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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    Simple wisdom , polite sarcasm and kindles love for Nature He seem to like the plains only from top of a mountainAnd I will always love you

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