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The Journal of Finn Reardon, A Newsie When His Father Dies, Finn Reardon Must Support His Family By Selling Newspapers On The Streets Of Manhattan, Where He Finds Himself In The Middle Of The Newsie Strike Of 1899 When Finn Reardon S Father Dies, He Decides To Support His Mother And Eight Siblings By Peddling Newspapers On The Streets Corners Of New York City But When The Two Biggest Newspaper Publishers, Hearst And Pulitzer, Raise The Wholesale Price That Finn And His Friends Pay For The Papers They Sell, The Boys Band Together And Go On Strike Susan Campbell Bartoletti Brings Humor And Wit To This Classic David And Goliath Struggle Between The Newsies And The Newspaper Publishers.

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    NOTE This is not a reflection on the book, but on the summary provided on the Goodreads website There are parts of the summary that are not accurate Finn does not have eight siblings he has three sisters Also, his father does not die and that is not his motivation for becoming a newsie I point this out only to give future readers a better back of the book summary I admit to binge reading Dear America and My name is America novels to help me finish my goal

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    I have always been a fan of the Dear America series since I was younger The stories are wonderful introductions into different events in history I picked up this book from the library after seeing Newsies on Broadway because I wanted to learnabout the newsboys The journal is of Finn, a 13 year old newsboy in New York City during the time of the Newsboy s Strike It is a very simple read I finished it in less than a day.There were so many things I loved about th

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    This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents I find today s generations seem to recallwhen they learn through other people pop songs, celebrity gossip, etc , so what better way to teach history than through someone else s...

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    These children s books are addictive I really like how they show pictures of the times that the book takes place at the end and talk about life in America at that time orspecifically, what life was like for t...

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    This book was a wonderful read but the description doesn t match the plot of the book Finn s father doesn t die and he has three sisters This book is a really great read

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    Thirteen year old Finn Reardon is counting down the days until he can quit school and start working full time to help support his family His Pop can t manage to hold a job and his older sister barely brings in enough to help support the family Then tragedy strikes and it looks like they will end up on the street But Finn s smart eye for detail earns him the respect of one of the reporters during a newspaper strike and he convinces Finn that the best way to success in the business

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    Accurate characters and real life pictures bring this history to life.

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    Finn lives with his family in cramped quarters in New York City He goes to school in the morning, but at evening and night, he works as a newsie He buys newspapers, then takes them to the street corner to sell This is written in journal format, and covers just less than a year This is short, and pretty easy to read, and ...

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    The Journal of Finn Reardon is about naturally a boy named Finn Reardon, who is working as a Newsie in turn of the century New York His family works night and day to make rent and save for a someday home so they can move out of their dingy apartment flat, while Finn attends school and hawks newspapers to help out This was my first My Name is America read, and I felt that it was just all right It sof a slice of life narrative than anything, and I was a little disappointed that the The Journal of

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    During new york around 1899 newsies people,mostly young men went out to buy 100 newspapers origanaly for 50 cents But it was not until the journal and the world got competative and started wasting loads of money to rank out each other Finally both companies started to run out of money and started to charge the newsies 60 cents for every 100 newspapers Wich was a lot at the time This out raged the newsies cousing them to strike and boycott both companies will they meet their goal of 5 During new york

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