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The Island of Sea Women THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A Mesmerizing New Historical Novel O, The Oprah Magazine From Lisa See, The Bestselling Author Of The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane, About Female Friendship And Devastating Family Secrets On A Small Korean IslandMi Ja And Young Sook, Two Girls Living On The Korean Island Of Jeju, Are Best Friends Who Come From Very Different Backgrounds When They Are Old Enough, They Begin Working In The Sea With Their Village S All Female Diving Collective, Led By Young Sook S Mother As The Girls Take Up Their Positions As Baby Divers, They Know They Are Beginning A Life Of Excitement And Responsibility But Also DangerDespite Their Love For Each Other, Mi Ja And Young Sook Find It Impossible To Ignore Their Differences The Island Of Sea Women Takes Place Over Many Decades, Beginning During A Period Of Japanese Colonialism In The S And S, Followed By World War II, The Korean War, Through The Era Of Cell Phones And Wet Suits For The Women Divers Throughout This Time, The Residents Of Jeju Find Themselves Caught Between Warring Empires Mi Ja Is The Daughter Of A Japanese Collaborator Young Sook Was Born Into A Long Line Of Haenyeo And Will Inherit Her Mother S Position Leading The Divers In Their Village Little Do The Two Friends Know That Forces Outside Their Control Will Push Their Friendship To The Breaking Point This Vivid Thoughtful And Empathetic Novel The New York Times Book Review Illuminates A World Turned Upside Down, One Where The Women Are In Charge And The Men Take Care Of The Children A Wonderful Ode To A Truly Singular Group Of Women Publishers Weekly , The Island Of Sea Women Is A Beautiful Story About The Endurance Of Friendship When It S Pushed To Its Limits, And You Will Love It Cosmopolitan

About the Author: Lisa See

Lisa See is a Chinese American author Her books include Snow Flower and the Secret Fan 2005 , Dragon Bones, and On Gold Mountain She was named the 2001 National Woman of the Year, by the Organization of Chinese American Women She lives in Los Angeles.

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    Update Happy Publication Day Today, March 5th, 2019 Haenyeo is the Korean name for the sea women who, through careful husbandry, harvest the sea through various seasons of production and restoration On Jeju Island, south of mainland Korea, they called themselves jamsu, jamnyeo, or jomnyeo, which are all Jeju words The haeny

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    I first learned about the Korean island of Jeju and the Haenyeo, the female divers, the fisher women who were the major providers of food and income for their families, when I read White Chrysanthemum It was a story of the Japanese occupation of Korea and the horrors of young women being taken by the Japanese to be a comfort workers and a young h

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    5 starsThis is a story of pain , sorrow, anger, anger and grief all rolled into one This is historical fiction, set on the island of Jeju, South Korea It centers on the relationship between two women, Mi ja and Young sook, from the 1930s to 2008 They are best friends growing up in a Korea run by the Japanese, who made a colony of Korea in 1910 SPOLIER

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    Update 2.99 kindle special The history of these women is fascinating A great price worth reading As the Korean saying goes, Haenyos do the work of the dead in the land of the living Every woman who enters the sea carries a coffin on her back In this world, the undersea world, we tow the burdens of a hard life Women harvest together, sort together, and sell t

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    For the first third of this novel, though I was liking the story, I felt like I was observing from afar, wasn t connecting emotionally with the story I was enjoying learning about the life of the haenyo and their diving collective on the Korean island of Jeju A matriarchal society is rare, so that was intriguing The friendship between Mi ja and Young Sook was just

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    Mi ja and Young sook are best friends who grew up on the Korean Island of Jeju They are part of the Haenyeo culture on the island The Haenyeo, or women of the sea, can dive deep, have a higher shivering threshold, and provide for their families, even diving while pregnant The girls women met when they were seven years old and became baby divers together They spent all t

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    This book was soo good and sad and did I say good It s now on one of my wishlists Mel

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    Rating 3.75I m sure I m in the minority on this one And to be honest, I m torn I m a big Lisa See fan I ve read a number of her books Some I ve loved, some not so much I ve attended numerous talks by her and will always try and see her speak when I can I have one of her books, Peony in Love, that I ve been holding on to years to read I just always want to have one of her books in r

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    Talk about a fascinating premise, and from Lisa See, one of my favorite authors The Island of Sea Women is captivating historical fiction at its masterful best On the Korean island of Jeju, women do the work of diving, while the men take care of the children Two girls, Mi ja and Young sook, are the best of friends waiting for their time to be old enough to join the diving collective With

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    NOW AVAILABLE This was a bit of a slow moving read for me, probably because there were so many characters and so much detail about a multitude of things.When we start the novel the island of Jeju off the coast of Korea is under Japanese control The two main characters Mi ja and Young sook are young girls, but already being groomed to become Haenyeo , strong women divers who gradually learn to

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