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The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day Maisie wakes up to find that everyone is gone, and the world is falling apart.But she also wakes up to her 10th birthday, and everything is wonderful, and she is going to have a wonderful party.So, there are two timelines going on, and Maisie has to work out what is going on, and how to fix it And while I agree with some of the other reviewers that using math and physics I got an arc in exchange for an honest review.My full review will go up nearer to publication I just need to tell everyone how wonderful Maisie Day is I know i m not the target audience, I had so much fun reading it though I laughed, cried and learnt a lot about science along the Clever logic bending maths heavy children s sci fi you don t say that very often I didn t know what I was in for, and even for much of this, I still didn t appreciate the astuteness of this This really is a very intelligent science maths story for children, and one bright children will relish.Those who aren t keen on maths may lose interest early on, but if it hits a nerve, they are in for a cerebral treat with Maisie, the birthday girl in for a rough dayMaisie is a very uncommon girl, adroit at mathematics and building a nuclear reactor, she is hoping for parts as birthday gifts In one plotline, we follow the progress of her day In another, Maisie wakes up also on her birthday, but is alone in her house and outside of it is literally nothing blackness.I was puzzled, intrigued And not at all disappointed as the plotlines continued towards a great ending The science maths of the book is not overly tricky but even if a reader didn t follow it, the main ideas are within reach The narrator is a mature female actor, but the voice sounded spot on for a pre adolescent girl, she was well suited to the character of Maisie The only time the audiobook grated on me was in the nowhere storyline as Ma I get why this book is highly praised as its highly original use of physics and unusual storyline is gripping But I didn t actually enjoy the book, which is why I ve only given it 3 stars Two reasons 1 It has a very upsetting part of the plot which I can t talk about without giving too much away and 2 I was really, really bugged by a small scene where one of the characters faces sexual harassment and is forced to give in to it Post metoo, it s time we started rewriting the old narratives around sexual harassment If you re going to write a story that borrows heavily from theoretical physics and aims to push the boundaries, why not do the same for social norms like sexual harassment I d love to see the author show the characters finding a way to stand up to the bullying they face, or perhaps have other characters who interfere to show this is no longer acceptable Let s show a new kind of story, especially when we re wri Maisie Day Ten years old Academically gifted, but frustrated by her parents determination to mollycoddle her All she wants is to be like her big sister.On the morning of her birthday Maisie wakes up and discovers she s alone There s nothing outside her house Dark matter starts to encroach on her space, and Maisie is left to work out what This was one of most anticipated books this month, and it did not let me down This was cute, and surprisingly hard hitting in a way that I was not quite ready for Easy enough to follow that I think my 5 year old would like it as a read aloud, but not monotonous or boring to read as an adult It was compared to A Wrinkle in Time which I adored as a kid and tried to reread recently and had trouble getting into because I found Meg so darn annoying Maisie was precocious like Meg, bu How Do You Know You Really Exist It S Maisie S Birthday And She Can T Wait To Open Her Presents She S Hoping For The Things She Needs To Build Her Own Nuclear Reactor But She Wakes To An Empty House And Outside The Front Door Is Nothing But A Terrifying, All Consuming Blackness Trapped In An Ever Shifting Reality, Maisie Knows That She Will Have To Use The Laws Of The Universe And The Love Of Her Family To Survive And Even That Might Not Be EnoughA Mind Bending Mystery For Anyone Who S Ever Asked Questions From The Author Of The Many Worlds Of Albie Bright And The Jamie Drake Equation. Maisie is an academically gifted girl celebrating her tenth birthday a party is being planned and she is looking forward to starting work on cold fusion The chapters alternate between what we perceive to be Maisie s real world and some sort of alternative universe, a place where dark matter is swallowing everything around Maisie The chapters continue to go back and forth between Maisie s reality and other world, and th I absolutely loved this I adored Albie Bright and didn t think this could hold up against it but, boy oh boy, it certainly did not disappoint It s the morning of Maisie s tenth birthday and the day starts with the alarm and the excitement of what lies ahead Maisie thinks that aside from the presents, cards and party, now she is ten her sister lily might take her seriously Our little child genius has mastered so much knowledge GCSEs, A levels, degrees but struggles with relationships and, as she doesn t attend school, finds she really has no friends What she does have, however, is a big family who love her and they are coming over for the party later Maisie wonders where her mum, dad and sister are, the house is in silence She opens the front door to find nothingnot just nothing happening, completely nothing She recognises the blackness as Vantablack, the complete absence of anything including light Her day just started and it s about to get even scarier.The story is a master class in the flashback We watch Maisie replay memories and gain a complete sense of who she is and the space she inhabits inhabited You can t help but be completely taken with the lead character, complet Wow VERY well written, an utterly absorbing page turner, BUT roughly the emotional equivalent of Old Yeller but the kid gets a kitten at the end.

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