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The Hunting Town Wow That s the first thought that comes to mind I was provided with an ARC of this book and I confess I was unsure about the story line and if it would be something I would like I tend to gravitate to paranormal or apocalyptic romance themes and this is far from it But I loved it I liked and grew attached to each of the five brothers who have had hard lives and have no clue what loved is until it hits them like a steam engine The story had de The brothers aren t nice they have been pieced back together by the love of a foster mother but it didn t change who they were They are older now and she is gone They have built their own dynasty of sort compliments of Dixon But when slowly but surely the 5 brothers are bit by the bug their lives as they know it change This author Oh my gosh This is my first book I ve read by Elizabeth and it won t be the last This story had the perfect mix of alpha males with some deep emotional issues, love, violence, sexual tension, and some straight up get you some sex I literally can t wait for the second one I need to know what hap Wow just wow Talk about a whirlwind This is the first book of Elizabeth s that I have read and have to say it will defiantly not be the last I was lucky to be given an arc and was not disappointed 4 days to read this gem as it is a lengthy novel but well worth every minute A band of misfit brothers brought together in foster care love to fight drink and f All with their own issues of why they like fast women Bring in the mafia and some Russians and life as it is know changes in the blink of an eye The brother love to fight and the barn is the place to be for that Bring in mer the new hire at the barn and life for the brothers will never be the same Fei This is the first experience I ve had with this author and it won t be the last I was lucky enough to stumble across an advanced copy and devoured the large novel in two days Once I was a page in, I already knew that the book was well written and it would be a pleasure to read so I set half an hour aside to get into it and hoped the plot would be good too I read until my eyes were sore and couldn t put it down Despite it being a good, long book everything in it was important There was no repetition or filler scenes, and each and every part of the book was eventually tied into something else, completely flawlessly and naturally I like to think that I m an observant reader, and can look out for places where the author is taking us, but the foreshadowing here was so well done that I found myself sitting back and just reading a great story.The plot is not a genre I would automatically pick up, but I found myself fascinated and impressed with the level of detail to many areas of the fighting, running the bars and businesses, multiple nationalities and medical knowledge that was unique to each character Either the author is a multilingual doctor, who is a cross business mogul, slight psychopath and great on a stripper pole, or she has done her research well again, dropping information into the scenes and characters so well that you don t even realise that you re being educated as you re reading Seriously I could rock that pole now There are multiple c Strong language, graphic sex, and violent scenes will not be appropriate for younger readers Additionally, if attempted or behind the scenes rape is a trigger for you, this novel will not be for you and I will not be offended if you give it a pass Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it October 2018 update I am no longer active on Goodreads since Goodreads has changed its policies requiring authors pay 600USD to give away t The Hunting Town focuses on 5 dangerous men who call themselves brothers All were horribly damaged by the foster care system and now live together, work together, fight together They own a large portion of the city restaurants, clubs, and a fighting barn These men live hard They trust no one, love no one outside of their home It s a well written, long novel that is dark, gritty, ugly Warning if you have triggers for violence, rape, kidnapping or brutality, be careful picking up this book The characters are all well developed studies in savagery Dixon is the head of the family, Knox is a cage fighter, Aiden is the killer, his twin Clifton is the one who sees everything and may have a working heart, and Charlie is the Cassanova They are all cold blooded and ruthless when they need to be The Brother s lives are suddenly turned upside down by three little women The Barn hires a woman to help with the bar Mer Plumeria is as tough as she is beautiful As the daughter of a Mexican Cartel member, she has been used and abused since she was young She has learned not only to fight back in this world, but to kick some ass along the way From the moment Knox sees her, he knows that she s his Their relationship is beautifully harsh Their love is their own true and rough Mer brings danger into their lives Not only The Mexican Cartel, but the Russian mafia are I really had to sit and let my feelings about this book flow back and forth for a while I do want to say front and center this is a violent book No ifs, ands or buts about it If this was a movie it would get an R for violence if not higher, and then you add in the adult content and you have a book that I would say should be 21 My husband is in the military and I stopped in the middle of reading to give him the following quote that I think might give a good idea on the violence level Aiden appears behind him like a monstrous shadow, mirroring the first image For each of Clifton s weapons, he carries two He has a knife under his right arm and two on his belt, Rugers decorate his shoulders and sides like Christmas ornaments, two with silencer attachments, and when he turns to swing on his jean coat with the wool lining, I catch a glimpse of a string of hand grenades strapped beneath a floating Steyr machine pistol When these brothers go to war it is no joke That being said they love just as hard as they fight None of them know how to deal with their feelings well due to being in and out of foster homes, so their personal lives are a mess When Knox meets Mer at the fighting pit the brothers run This book is so intense 5 foster brothers We get different point of views through out the story I loved Knox, Mer, Dixon, Sara and even Aiden Drugs, mafia and even love mixed in between everything makes a very turn paging story The author made you feel each character like you were a fly in the wall and in there world So much angst and excitement your heart keeps beating even after the end Plumeria Had Never Thought Herself A Destroyer Of Lives, Until She Brought Destruction Onto The Lives Of Five Brothers.Drugs, Cartels, The Mafia Pain, Greed, And Revenge These Are What Plumeria Brought With Her When She Took A New Job Tending Bar In The Fighting Pits Outside Of Town Fighting Pits Owned By The Brothers Brought Together By The Foster System, Knox Wouldn T Have Put Anything Before His Other Brothers Not Even His Own Life Until He Met Mer But When Her Life Is Put At Risk, He Intervenes, Dragging All Of His Brothers With Him Into Her World.Dixon Wants Mer Gone She S The Daughter Of A Mexican Drug Lord Who S Got A Partner In The Russian Mob Both Are Dead After His Brother, Knox, Saved Her From A Life Of Bondage And Now Both The Mexican Cartel And The Russian Mafia Are After Them All Dixon Can T Afford To Be Distracted Least Of All By Sara, A Single Mom Who Wanders Into The Strip Joint He Owns, Desperate For A Job But When The Russians Use Her As Leverage, She Ll Be The One Dixon Has To Answer To.With New Alliances Built While Others Are Broken, It Will Take Than A Survival Instinct To Survive The Hunting Town The Town Of Mischief, Mayhem, And Murder This Book Contains Strong Language, Graphic Sex, And Violence.

About the Author: Elizabeth Stephens

Elizabeth Stephens has been living in a fantasy world since she was 11, and in 2015 finally translated her imagination to print An author of romantic suspense and science fiction, she is a big fan of inclusion and her books always include kick ass ladies of color.Her books The Hunting Town, Population, and Saltlands can be found anywhere online books are sold in ebook or in paperback Since Goodr

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