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The Good Sleeper A Refreshingly Straightforward Method For Training Infants To Become Great Sleepers For Life, Inspired By Clinical Psychologist Janet Kennedy S Popular Psychotherapy Practice, NYC Sleep DoctorCry It Out Or Co Sleep Bassinet Or Swing White Noise Machine Or Bach How Many Hours Anyway For Something So Important, There S Too Much Conflicting Information About How Best To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night And Nap Successfully During The Day This Book Is A Straightforward, No Nonsense Answer To One Of The Biggest Challenges New Parents Face When They Welcome A Brand New Baby Home This Book Is Written For Exhausted Parents, Giving Them Immediate Access To The Information They Need Reassuring And Easy To Understand, Dr Kennedy Addresses Head On The Fears And Misinformation About The Long Term Effects Of Crying And Takes A Bold Stand On Controversial Issues Such As Co Sleeping And Attachment Parenting With Polarizing Figures And Techniques Dominating The Marketplace And Spawning Misinformation Across The Internet Dr Kennedy S Methods And Practices Create An Extensively Researched And Parent Tested Approach To Sleep Training That Takes Both Babies And Parents Needs Into Account To Deliver Good Nights And Days Of Sleep, And No Small Dose Of Peace Of MindThe Good Sleeper Is A Practical, Empowering And Even Entertaining Guide To Help Parents Understand Infant Sleep This Research Based Book Will Teach Parents The Basics Of Sleep Science, Determine How And When To Intervene, And Provide Tools To Solve Even The Most Seemingly Impossible Sleep Problems.

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    This is our favorite book about sleeping babies It advises all naps, all the time the adage that sleep begets sleep is currently in vogue Its primary champion is Marc Weissbluth, whose Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child I haven t read When your mother tells you to keep them awake during the day so they ll sleep better at night, says Kennedy, she is full

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    Janet Krone Kennedy s The Good Sleeper The Essential Guide to Sleep for Your Baby and You is a must have for new parents This guide gives practical advice and information regarding infant sleep patterns and how to train them with the best interest of both the child and the parents in mind The book is easy to follow along with and understand It is layed out well

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    saved me in my time of need super readable and extremely comforting THANK YOU SERENA.

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    Mu hinnang j b sinna 2 ja 3 vahele tegelikult On nippe ja trikke, mida siit saab kasutada nt unisuse m rkide j lgimine ja piisavate uinakute tegemine K ll aga ei kujuta ma ette seda nutta laskmist Et beebi karjubki terve ja sina ei tee miskit Lihtsalt kuulad teises toas ja nii kasvab temast tore ja kena magaja sinu ja tema enda r muks V ib olla t esti, aga tundub julm Beebi ainuke viis ja os

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    When I read the sentence Others get through multiple wakings before giving up and bringing the baby to bed at 2 or 4 or maybe 5 a.m that described us exactly The author very frankly explains that doing this actually encourages your baby to wake up frequently She has ...

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    I read this intermittently before and after my daughter was born The book offers lots of helpful and reassuring advice She debunks the crackpot Dr Sears and his extremely woo based approach to sleep training and ...

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    Yes Our baby started sleeping so much better We did extinction method and used tips from the book and it started helping right away and now he sleeps 11 hours straight and takes 2 naps about an hour in bed each time

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    It s too long for what she was trying to say I felt like she added a bunch of strategies for the sake of saying they were in the book, when really she believes extinction method is the only sure fire one Also for being written by a PhD there are way anecdotal claims than research based.

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    Great, flexible advice I just wish the book was easier to dip into her advice builds on previous chapters, so you really need to read cover to cover and that there was discussion of naps, separate from night sleep.

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