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The Godspeaker Trilogy Sold Into Slavery, Hekat Dreams Of Power Fate Leads Her To The Warlord Raklion, And She Begins Turning Dreams Into Reality For The Nameless God Of Mijak Is With Her, And It Promises Her The World.Far Away, The King Of Ethrea Is Dying His Daughter Princess Rhian Is Ready To Rule, But If Her Enemies Have Their Way The Crown Of Ethrea Will Never Be Worn By A Woman.Dexterity Jones Is A Toymaker To Protect Rhian And His Country, He Must Place His Trust In An Exile From Mijak Yet, As Ethrea Comes Ever Closer To Civil War, A Greater Danger Awaits Hekat Still Desires The World And Power Is No Longer A Dream.This Omnibus Edition Of THE GODSPEAKER TRILOGY Includes Empress, The Riven Kingdom And The Hammer Of God.

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    This book brought me mixed feelings I had originally selected this trilogy to do for an essay of mine, petitioning to my teacher to allow me the opportunity instead of picking from the list of books that the school had provided It was a challenge that I undertook, and it yielded great results in terms of a paper However, for the book itself, I must say I was not thrilled to continue readi

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    Wow 4.5 As I read the three in one version, this book looked like quite a bite back when I started it Having read the Kingmaker series by her, my expectations were blown away by the experience this book gave.The first part of the trilogy focuses on Mijak and read felt muchlike Steven Erikson or Glen Cook than Miller s first books It was very dark and detailed a descent into madnessthan any

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    I read this a while ago, looking for escape There used to be good fantasy out there you could find what happened The first book wasn t too bad Hekat as a damaged beyond repair psychotic girl who claws her way from slavery to Empress was kind of an interesting concept Joan D Arc, Hitler, Stalin, take your pick This type of speculation is what fantasy can be good for But then In the second bo

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    One of a kind read, but I found myself losing interest as books continuedI purchased this series all as one book While it began strong, it faded fast I found myself halfway through the series with little desire to continue forward I lost interest fast I did, however, manage to finish this It was long, and there was a lot of irrelevant information and details I found it overall to be tiring,

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    Long time since I ve binged God, I love that term a whole trilogy.I came to this series totally by accident, reading the title of it s first volume in a FB thread.Having never heard of the author, I was intrigued and went to look for it Luckily for me, I found the whole trilogy in Ebook format.I read a few review first, just to get a feel for it, and I was puzzled at the mixed reactions Some

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    I enjoyed this book It was a satisfying fantasy read with colliding worlds and ok characters I feel like parts of the book that needed to be short were drawn out waaaay too long, and parts that needed to be longer were cut short Some of ...

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    I read a good portion of this series a few years ago I remember enjoying it and then suddenly hating it It s one of the few books I ve picked up that I didn t just think was boring but off putting as well I couldn t stand how the main character developed or where the story was goin...

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    So Terribly Bad.

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    The first book was ok The main character of the first book, Hekat, was not likeable so that diminished my enjoyment of it The second book was pretty good until about 3 4 of the way though At that point the arguments the characters were having got old fast and my enjoyment was diminished.The third book was not good I can sum it up for you here Argument number 1 Zandakar is not trustworthOh, yes, h

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    I once saw a review that described Karen Miller as a bi polar writer, she s either brilliant or terrible The Godspeaker trilogy is an example of terrible angst ridden writing.It reads like a bad Shakespearean tragedy I don t know about you, but when I read a novel I invest a lot of feeling into my characters so when they get killed off, I expected their death to at least contribute to the storylin

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